Will I heal from severe swelling, welts, and indentations from Velashape? (photos)

I had very mild cellulite that I sought treatment for. I had Velashape once before and the procedure was relatively painless with some noticeable smoothing. This time, I went to a different place and the procedure was very rough with extreme suction. The machine was set to rf 60. 10mins spent on each leg. I am suffering: - Severe swelling - Welt-like raised red spots on both sides - Severe indentations on my legs. (Will this go away? Not normal) How do I heal? Take advil? Apply cortisone?

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Velashape III - Buffalo Niagara, NY

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Thank you for your question and for posting pictures.

It looks like your treatments in Los Angeles may have been too aggressive. 

The welting is because there may have been too much suction and not complete contact with the handpiece. They call this 'arcing'.

For the Velashape III, the settings are 1-3 for vaccuum, 1-3 for RF and 1-3 for infrared.

Infrared is used for cellulite treatments as it tightens the skin. 

RF energy is used to shrink the fat cells.

Please go back to your provider for an evaluation of the area

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One potential side effect of Velashape is burns which is particularly true if you've had sun exposure prior to your treatment. It's important to go back to your Velashape provider to be evaluated as to the cause of this reaction and to get a recommendation for the best healing treatment option(s).

Michael E. Jones, MD
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