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Had Vaser Lipo, They Removed 1300 CC and I See No Results, Why?

Please explain why there seem to be no results.  if its liters please also explain. i want to know in pounds or something to make me feel like... READ MORE

I had Vaser treatment for my gynecomastia 4 months ago and it didn't get rid of the fatty tissue. What do I do?

I had surgery performed by a member of the ASPS in Chicago.I was told Vaser melts fatty dense tissue and he would keep an option open for areola... READ MORE

3 Months Post-Op Vaser Liposuction to Stomach, Flanks, and Thighs, Still no Reduction in Size, Normal?

As of today it has been 3 months since my liposuction of the stomach, flanks, hips, inner and outer thighs, and knees. I have no reduction in size of... READ MORE

5 Months After Vaser Lipo and Still No Results?

.i did went back to my surgeon..his assistant was the one who saw me she said it was normal ..but till today my abdominal is still huge looks... READ MORE

TT After Vaser Lipo? (photo)

I have had 3 Vaser Lipo surgeries that did absolutely nothing for me. I look exactly the same as I did before the surgeries. I am 45, have four... READ MORE

2 months after vaser lipo on abdomen and flanks, no results ? (photos)

I went under vaser lipo hi def on 1st Dec for my abdomen and flanks, almost 2 months has gone by and I hardly see any improvement specially on my... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo on May 15,12 I Have Seen Some Results but my Mid Back Not Much. What Can I Do?

I did vaser Lipo in May on abs, if back, lower back and flanks. I see some results in the abdomen but the bra line is still big. I told my surgeon but... READ MORE

No results from Vaser Lipo. How long does it take to heal and how long before you start seeing results????

I had Vaser Liposuction done to my chin and neck area 12 weeks ago. I am not over weight but have always had a double chin even when I was 115lbs. I... READ MORE

No results seen after second touch up, is this normal? Is this fat? (photos)

I have had a vaser lipo in my inner legs two years ago followed by a first touch up after a year due to them been uneven. I had the second touch up 3... READ MORE

3 Months after Vaser, and have huge amount on swelling on my stomach. No results at all on my thighs. Is this normal?

It's been 3 months since i had my vaser lipo, the day after my vaser, my stomach was completely flat and toned. 3 months on and my stomach is huge. I... READ MORE

2 months post Vaser and I feel like I look the same (Photo)

I had vaser done December 9, 2016 on my lower abdomen, almost 2 months ago. The day after Vaser my stomach was flat. I know I'm small and didn't have... READ MORE

No results after one vaser lipo and two touch ups. Is this normal? (photos)

I have had a vaser lipo in my inner legs two years ago followed by a first touch up after a year due to them been uneven. I had the second touch up 3... READ MORE

Very worried about Vaser lipo results on thighs, no results, did I just waste $6,000?

Hello, I had Vaser liposuction on the outter, inner, and front of my thighs about 2.5 weeks ago. There was about 1500 ccs removed. When I went in for... READ MORE

I have just had a vaser procedure and there is a lot of swelling. How long on average does it take for the swelling to go down?

Hello I have just had vaser lipo my bra rolls and flanks but can't see a difference My surgeon says that this is due to swelling but Im not convinced.... READ MORE

No loss of centimeters since Vaser and BodyTite. Is this normal?

I had vaser liposuction done on the back an outer side of thighs and bodytite done on the inner side on the 1st of june. I have had no loss in... READ MORE

What can I do if I didn't achieve any results 50 days after Vaser liposuction? (Photo)

I'm now 50 days after abdominal liposuction ( 2 liters from abdomen and flanks ) and there is no results I'm so disappointed it's bigger and more... READ MORE

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