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Will VASER Leave Loose Skin in Thigh/butt Region? Does It Help With Cellulite? (photo)

Hi doctors :-) I'm contemplating VASER lipo to thighs(inner & outer)and butt and wondering whether I'd be left with loose skin once the... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo or Smart Lipo for Calf and Thigh Fat?

I'm a 31 year old female who's undergone Endermologie, excercise, and diet to minimize the appearance of cellulite and fat deposits. To my dismay,... READ MORE

Discoloration and scar tissue from aggressive hi def vaser liposuction -13 weeks post. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi - I was severely bruised from my Lipo. My surgeon was aggressive since I had little fat to begin with, but now I'm over 13 weeks post and have... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo or Body Tide?

When it comes to tighten especially the legs and removing cellulite, which procedure would you recomend? One doctor tells me Vaser is the best and... READ MORE

Is there some type of manual massage with my fingers I can do to get rid of the ripples above my bellybutton? Is it cellulite?

I've left four messages at my doctor's office with this question and got No return call. In his post op instructions, it says therapeutic massage is... READ MORE

Which procedure is better with skin tightening Vaser Lipo or Smart Lipo?

Hello i am interested in getting Liposuction but i am a little confused on the Vaser lipo and smart lipo my thighs are huge i wear size 9 in pants but... READ MORE

Will Vaser lipo improve scar tissue?

Hi, I am 37 years old and thinking about getting Vaser Lipo 4 D (not sure what the difference is between that and Vaser Lipo) I had traditional lipo... READ MORE

Cellulite and rapid weight gain after Vaser is done.

I had Vaser done. I was suppose to go back for additional sessions but never happened. I became depressed and gained weight! Can it cause you to gain... READ MORE

Lipo technique for cellulite all over the waist. (photos)

I know liposuction is intended to work on the fat bellow contouring the and not intended to treat celulities at all but which techinique would you use... READ MORE

Will Vaser liposuction improve the appearance of my thighs?

Under natural or halogen light, my thighs look lumpy; the cellulite is quite obvious that is why I am staying away from shorts. I am 49 years old, a... READ MORE

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