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Burned Skin After Lipo Vaser and Normal Lipo, How Can I Fix This?

I got vaser and normal lipo in September 2010, and it looks that the surgeons cause a damage on my skin. I have big pink spots like if the skin would... READ MORE

I Had Vaser Lipo 13 Days Ago in the Abdomen and I Got Burned in One Side Will It Go Away?

Hello! I'm 32 years old and I just had surgery I feel well and the normal bruising and swelling but in one side of my waist I have a red spot the... READ MORE

Remedies After Burn Skin in Abdomen.. After Vaser Lipo and Normal Lipo

I got vaser and normal lipo in september 2010, and my worries are..that the surgeon that did the operation cause a damage on my skin.. because so far... READ MORE

How Do Burns from Vaser Liposuction Occur?

Are these issues common, or is it dependent upon the individual? READ MORE

What is That White Cheese Looking Thing Inside the Wound?

I had vaser lipo done 2wks ago, but i got a burn under my navel area. md told me to put silverdines cream 2x/day which i did. however, i noticed white... READ MORE

Scar after vaser lipo, will this eventually go away? (photo)

Hi, I had vaser lipo on 02/19. It seems as though my doctor burned me. Can anyone recommend a cream or advise what I should do to lighten up my scar?... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo burn, help! (Photo)

I recently got vaser lipo. I've had traditional lipo before but this has been a nightmare. I was in so much pain during and after with bruising. About... READ MORE

How do I know if my skin was burned during Smart Lipo?

A day after the procedure, red marks showed up on my belly. It looks like a burn under the skin. Is this possible? And what is a way to help this... READ MORE

Follow up: What should I do for my vaser lipo burn? (photos)

First I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my question. I was burned from Vaser lipo and after almost 30 days it doesn't seem to be... READ MORE

Lipo (pretty sure it was Vaser) on my stomach and I think I was burned. What can I do now? Will they remain like this? (Photos)

I am 2 weeks post op. At first I thought it was a rash but now parts of it feels raw like a burn. The color has gone from blotchy red to dark spots... READ MORE

Truth about Vaser/4D Lipo?

As I am on a journey to find the most wonderful surgeon! 1. Can Vaser / 4D lipo cause burns? What's the truth of this procedure? 2. I found a... READ MORE

Is this burned skin after vaser liposuction? Will it go away? (photos)

I had vaser lipo 2 weeks ago i noticed there is a red mark and no pain since the first five days after surgery. I thought its just a bruise. But it... READ MORE

Does Vaser Lipo cause nerve damage and skin burns? How can one certify the surgeon using the machine?

The doctor I'm considering has good rating but I was not able to certify her thru the American Board of Plastic surgery but was able to find her on... READ MORE

Will this coloring after lipo go away? Is this a burn? (Photo)

I had vaser lipo done 3 weeks ago. My bruising is all gone but my skin is still a reddish color in the areas where I got vaser done. My inner thighs... READ MORE

I had have Vaser Lipo on my legs from knees up including knees. I have compression garments. 2 types just from waist down.

IMy calf muscles are hurting so excruciatingly bad. They burn and feel as though I have a cramp the size of a baseball in them. I get some relief when... READ MORE

I had back lipo vaser or 10/16/15. When I put pressure on my back from sitting against anything it burns for a hot second, why?

For only a moment but it really does hurt for that moment as I move around it goes away. Is that due to the nerves mending themselves. READ MORE

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