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Vaser Lipo - Afterwards How Often for Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

I am 11 days post op from vaser lipo on my lower abs and flanks. I have had one professional massage and massage myself every day. How often should i... READ MORE

11 Days Post Vaser Lipo on Abdomen and Have Lumps and Hardness?

Physican took about 3.5 liters of fat. My stomach is rock hard in most places. It doens't feel even, hard lumpy. I do have a "pen and needle"... READ MORE

Ten Days Since Vaser Lipo on Abdomen and Flanks - Complications?

Hi I'm very very worried it is 10 days since I had vaser lipo on my abdomen and flanks. I have Lumps the size of pebbles around my waist area and... READ MORE

Why is my lower abdomen hard and tender to the touch? (photos)

I am 10 days post op and the results after the 1st few days were amazing. However fast forward a few days later I look like I did pre op. My lower... READ MORE

5kg Extra Water Weight 10 Days Post Op? (photo)

I went for Vaser Liposelection from a very reputable doctor on my saddles, inner thighs and knees, I weighed 64kg before I went for Vaser... READ MORE

10 days post op Vaser lipo, I still have tumescent fluid. Any suggestions?

Hello today is the 10 day after vaser lipo. In the first 3 days there was a lot of tumescent fluid but today (9-10 day) from one spot on my back... READ MORE

Can't walk normally 10 days after Vaser Liposuction?

I had vaser Lipo done my lower back, saddlebags, inner thighs and knees. I cannot walk properly and it's day 10. I look like waddling. I can't stand... READ MORE

Enlarged stomach 10 days post gynaecomastia surgery?

Forgive me if this seems absurd but i am 10 days post op (Vaser lipo with gland removal) and whilst the swelling / bruising is up & down on the... READ MORE

11 days post Vaser. Right knee is 2 inches bigger. Is it a seroma? (Photo)

I understand that swelling is to be expected but my right knee is massive, feels like about to pop. Had Vader inner outer and knees. Looked ok first... READ MORE

Why do I have linea negra 9 days post op Vaser on my lower abdomen?

Hello. I am 10 days post-op lower abdominal Vaser lipo. I have swelling and soreness which I know is normal, but I am concerned about the fact I have... READ MORE

Pain and hard thighs after Vaser. How long does this last?

I had vaser lipo done 10 days ago on my inner, outer thighs, and knees. My outer thighs are pain or swelling. My thighs are horrible.... READ MORE

10 days post Vaser: my belly goes inward if I bend my legs when lying down. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 10 days post Vaser to lower abdomen, inner/outer thighs and flanks. If I lie down and try to bend my legs towards my belly, the belly goes inward... READ MORE

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