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Attaching Loose Skin to the Muscle After Vaser Lipo?

I had Vaser Liposuction about a year ago and my skin on my stomach still has not attached itself back to my abdominal muscles. Does anyone know why... READ MORE

Will the hard lumps after vaser liposuction improve?

I received vaser liposuction about 11 months ago. I had upper arms,  outer thighs, and my abdomen. Initially my arms were the most painful and... READ MORE

What are the lumps and what caused them? Is there a better or more appropriate treatment or is more Vaser the best? (Photo)

I had 4 areas of Vaser Lipo under a local anesthetic last year. My back and flanks have had a revision but my surgeon wanted me to wait for revision... READ MORE

14 mo post-op lipo. What went wrong? Are there any tx/options that will improve the deformaties? (photos)

Lipo: med/lat thigh, med knee. Board cert surgeon in LR, AR.  After surgery told she lipo front/back thighs/butt to reduce heavyness. Comp... READ MORE

Non-surgical scar tissue flattening, a year after Vaser Lipo?

It has been a year after getting Vaser Lipo on my abs. I am 70% satisfied, but the scar tissue bulging on both sides of my waist causes my stomach and... READ MORE

HD Vaser Lipo Sculpting?

I had HD Vaser Sculpting procedures done on my upper/lower tummy, hips, back and arms. Now after more than 1 year later, I noticed 2 small 'fat... READ MORE

1 year post op of Vaser Liposuction, what options do I have to improve the look of my thighs/knees? (photos)

I have had a vaser lipo procedure a year ago on thighs and knees and have been left with noticeable bulges suprapatellar especially when viewed from... READ MORE

I Feel Sick After my Vaserlipo. What Do These Blood Test Results Mean a Long After my Surgery? Do I Have an Infection?

I had vaserlipo on my abs, flanks, low back about a yr ago.I had Hypovitaminosis D and did suffer with Eating disorder(bulimia) for past 20yrs but... READ MORE

In October 2013 I had vaser liposuction on my flanks. 1 year on I have nerve damage across the width of the bottom of my back

The operation was performed in UK. The surgeon has monitored me post op complying with all procedures for wearing the compression garment etc. The... READ MORE

Why are my inner thighs lumpy and slightly wrinkled looking one year after Vaser lipo? (Photos)

I had liposuction done in April of 2016 and ever since, my inner thighs, especially the left, are lumpy and kind of wrinkled and saggy looking. I can... READ MORE

I have done a Vaser liposuction one year ago and I don't like the loose skin. What can I do to make it look better?

I'd done Vader lipo one year ago I'm not happy whit the result because my skin is loose and still looks fat. I went to another doctor to see if he can... READ MORE

I had vaser about 13 months ago. Swelling?

I had vaser 13 months ago. Results were great and 10 L of fat . But as I said great results, apart from slight under correction one side of stomach.... READ MORE

Anabolic steroid use after Hi- Def Vaser ?

Vaser done 1 year ago to fix the damage of Phosphatidylcholine. The hard or jelly like tissue did not healed fully in year. FRP, Serrapeptase Enzyme... READ MORE

Nodules behind chest 1 year post vaser lipo revision, with drops of blood from incision after massage. Is it normal? (Photo)

Before 2 yrs,i went through lipo surgery for gyno,and again a revision by vaser lipo before 1 year.There are 3 nodules near right areola .Dr said its... READ MORE

Is the suggested revision procedure appropriate for my needs? I don't even know what 'smoothened' means. (photos)

My surgeon has offered the following to correct the damage he did to my abdomen during Vaser Lipo a year ago. The contour irregularities of my flanks... READ MORE

Is this liporaspiration and why did it take so long to show up? Will anything help? Should be wearing compression hose? (photo)

I am 52 yrs. old and had Vaser smooth on front of thighs along with lipo of inner/ back of thighs almost a year ago. PS did a fat transfer to my butt.... READ MORE

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