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Trouble Clearing Up Rosacea Redness with V-Beam - More Aggressive Settings?

I've had two (very spread apart) treatments with the V-Beam for redness on my nose, cheeks, and chin. It seems like every time I go in for... READ MORE

Is V Beam Recommended For Small Capillaries? What Are The Chances For Hyperpigmentation?

I'm considering having V Beam treatment on my face for some small capillaries on my chin, nose, moustache and cheek. I have mild rosacea and seb... READ MORE

What is the Typical Effective V Beam Setting for Treatment of Generalized Flushing?

I am a fair skinned, red haired 43 year old with diffuse redness on my face. A dermatologist I was referred to recommended I have 2-3 treatments of V... READ MORE

V Beam laser settings: what number setting, limit, to avoid bruising?

I,ve had two v beam laser treatment , for facial redness, but can,t see any improvement. the first treatment there was no over lapping, second... READ MORE

Best settings V-beam laser for flushing?

I've had 5 v-beam lasers already. My last settings was at 10.5joules 10ms 10 with no bruising at all. I want to ask my doctor to be more aggressive... READ MORE

What are the optimal (non purpuric) Vbeam settings for the treatment of the diffused redness form of rosacea in the cheek area?

I have undertaken 3 of 6 Vbeam sessions for the treatment of diffused redness rosacea in the cheek area, with minor results. From reading another... READ MORE

What settings are best to start with when treating Rosacea with a Vbeam Perfecta Laser? (Photo)

I have Rosacea, subtype 1 - erythema and flushing. I have decided to look into treatment with the Vbeam Perfecta laser. I am planning on having a... READ MORE

Red scarring and indents caused by v beam laser! What are they? Are they scars? (photos)

Can they heal in time? Had vbeam done twice, once in june and once in october. He said the settings were moderate, 7 whatever you call it, "joules"?... READ MORE

What does varying V Beam pulse width imply?

Hi, I had a consultation with a laser technician the other day and we were discussing Vbeam settings for telengelactasia. I told her that my previous... READ MORE

V-beam laser settings for small red surgical scar.

I've had a red small surgical scar for 3 years already on my face. I've had 5-vbeam laser settings at 10.5joules 10ms 10 with no bruising and no... READ MORE

Scarring from severe acne rosacea. What V-Beam settings should the cosmetologist use? (Photo)

Hi Davin, I had severe acne rosacea-unfortunately i was unable to take isotretinoin. Currently dehydrated and red skin+extreme oil overproduction.If... READ MORE

What are the best Vbeam settings to eliminate telangiectasia (rosacea skin)?

I tried the Vbeam three times and all the treatments were ineffective using 11ms and 10ms. I thought that the bigger the vessel the higher the ms... READ MORE

What is the most "aggressive" (non-purpuric) V Beam settings for erythematotelangiectatic rosacea?

I have had a few sessions of VBeam with fairly aggressive settings for the treatment of erythematotelangiectatic rosacea but I have had five sessions... READ MORE

Second V Beam for broken blood vessels on nose? (Photos)

I got one Vbeam treatment 5 weeks ago for broken blood vessels on my nose. The doctor used the purpura setting so we wouldn't have to do it again.... READ MORE

Vbeam Perfecta for port wine stain without purpura? (Photo)

It has been five years since my last treatment, which was a disaster. Two weeks of bruising, scabbing, and bleeding with no results to show for it. It... READ MORE

What is the Highest Power Setting That V-Beam Can Go To? (How Many Joules?)

I have had 2 V-Beam treatments for red marks on my face. The first at 8.75 Joules and the second at 9.25 Joules. Only one red mark ever has purpura,... READ MORE

Persistent swelling under eye. Should I be concerned?

Hello, it has been 3 weeks since my first v beam treatment, very low settings, non-purpuric. I have minor swelling still under one eye that was... READ MORE

Which settings should be recommended for port wine stain?

V.beam perfect for port wine stain which should recommended 0.45mm or 1.5mm.which is deeper I hv red scar on both cheeks and chin area..which settings... READ MORE

I am having a V Beam Perfecta treatment next week and I want to know the lowest setting of the laser. (Photo)

I have sensitive combination skin. I have skin cancer, radiation treatment has left hypopigmentation on nose and forehead. Mild case of rosacea, some... READ MORE

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