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How Long Before Bruises from V Beam Disappears?

How long can it take for the bruising from the V Beam laser to totally disappear? It will be deep purple day of procedure, the doctor indicated. Thank... READ MORE

Treatment for V Beam Bruises?

I have very obvious bruising from the V Beam treatment I had on 5/8/09- looks like chicken pox on my nose & inner cheek area. When can I expect... READ MORE

Is There a Permanent Treatment for Telangiectasias ("broken Capillaries")?

My dermatologist treats me with a dye laser. I wear sunscreen and don't smoke, but the veins on my nostrils always return in 8 -10 mos. I think he... READ MORE

What is the Typical Effective V Beam Setting for Treatment of Generalized Flushing?

I am a fair skinned, red haired 43 year old with diffuse redness on my face. A dermatologist I was referred to recommended I have 2-3 treatments of V... READ MORE

V Beam laser settings: what number setting, limit, to avoid bruising?

I,ve had two v beam laser treatment , for facial redness, but can,t see any improvement. the first treatment there was no over lapping, second... READ MORE

I Had Vbeam for Bruising After Injectables Now a Lump Has Shown Up Where Bruise Was, Is this Common? (photo)

The bruising is almost all gone in all areas except the one under the eye and now it is raised or swollen. It was not before the vbeam. Is this common... READ MORE

What happens to a cherry angioma after V-beam treatment?

I had a Vbeam procedure for a small cherry angioma 4 days ago. The treated area bruised immediately after treatment. Yesterday I noticed a bump... READ MORE

Best settings V-beam laser for flushing?

I've had 5 v-beam lasers already. My last settings was at 10.5joules 10ms 10 with no bruising at all. I want to ask my doctor to be more aggressive... READ MORE

Received 1 treatment for spider veins on my nose, one side bruised. How likely is hypopigmentation? (photo)

I am concerned because my skin hypopigments easily, and I have two dots from the laser applicator -- they are quite red. I also wasn't told not to use... READ MORE

I had a V Beam laser treatment 1 week ago. It was bruised and blistered, the blister opened up and was bleeding a bit (Photo)

I still have a visible red and some purple marks/ blood vessels extended around the outer rim I'm worried that it will not heal properly. It looks... READ MORE

Itchiness after Vbeam laser treatment. Is this normal?

I had the vbeam laser done with bruising several hours ago and am experiencing extreme itchiness in the treated areas. Is this normal? And is there... READ MORE

Is it normal to see no results after 2 v beam treatments? (photo)

I have had 2 v beam treatments spaced 4 weeks apart and have seen NO improvement for my red acne scars. They fade and then flare up again...I think... READ MORE

How long for cherry angioma to fade after VBeam laser procedure? (Photo)

I had a cherry angioma removed yesterday with a VBeam laser. At first it was slightly purple but now it looks red again and much larger than before.... READ MORE

Can you cover bruises with makeup after treatment?

Can you cover laser bruises with make up straight away after treatment? thanks. READ MORE

A Few V Beam Bruises are still dark and visible after 7 weeks, is that something to be concerned about?

I had a V-Beam treatment done to remove broken blood vessels in the face. It's now been 7 weeks and there's still about 4 bruises visible from the... READ MORE

When will I notice V Beam results? (Photo)

I am growing impatient. I have has 3 vbeam treatments for old red acne scars. They have been spaced 2 weeks apart. I have had aggressive settings... READ MORE

Weeping Small Amounts of Blood After Vbeam? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I just had my third vbeam treatment 2 days ago and there was significant bruising as my nurse said she wanted to go more aggressive. I... READ MORE

I have scars after V beam laser treatment. Is this permeant or temporary side effect? (photo)

Hello, im female in my late 20's and i'm acne free about one month ago and i was not happy about acne red marks so my dermatologist recomended v beam... READ MORE

I had purpura v beam laser 2 weeks ago parameters 3m/s at 10 joules two weeks later. I am still very bruised. Is this normal?

Hi I had purpura v beam laser over two weeks ago and am still very bruised is this normal?parameters 3m/s at 10 joules.bruises went from very purple... READ MORE

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