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Ultherapy - "Gobble" Area Under Chin Looks Worse - Normal (Temporary) Side Effect?

I had ulthera done on the neck, chin, jawline, and lower face a few days ago. The day after the procedure, the saggy area under my chin had grown much... READ MORE

I need help. Ultherapy ruined my face. Can I get to back? No I do not and cannot do Botox. (Photo)

I was beautiful before ultherapy. 6 mos later, I am gaunt and any asymmetry I had us magnified 100x. Especially my eyes. They are small and miss... READ MORE

Why does Ultherapy change your eyes for the worse? (Photo)

Ultherapy only lasts 1-2 years. Do the eyes go back to looking pre-ultherapy when everything falls? Here are 2 examples. These women had gorgeous eyes... READ MORE

After Ulthera Saggy Chin and Welt Inside Mouth?

I had Ulthera yesterday - a very good experience as far as the clinic, but my under-chin area is significantly worse. I sent pix to the nurse who... READ MORE

Terrible experience w/ Ultherapy of the neck. Need more eyes on my situation. These just can't be normal side effects. (photos)

Had Ultherapy in Feb & have had a horrible experience. It started w/ terrible swelling under the chin (like a bullfrog) & red welts along both sides... READ MORE

Why After 2nd Ulthera Treatment the Results Are Worse?

I did Ulthera treatment6 month ago but got just little improvement in my lower face. I wonder if with 2nd treatment could be better? But I read here... READ MORE

Question to dpctprs who have been performing Ultherapy. This is specifically regarding the lower face/neck area.

Have you EVER had a client whose neck sagged worse 6 months to a year after a treatment? Also, will a 2nd treatment 6 months to a year make results... READ MORE

I had ulthera 7 months ago now I look worse! it seems to have melted the fat on one side of my face how can this be corrected?

I had ulthera performed a second time to the lower face/ upper neck 7 months ago. I now look WORSE . the procedure seems to have melted the fat on the... READ MORE

What's the difference between facial collagen and fat?

Ultherapy put a bunch of collagen over my gorgeous cheekbones. I'm post 7 mos and only getting worse. The results are making my cheeks look flat and... READ MORE

Ulthera - can it age you?

I am thinking about getting Ulthera but I am a bit scared after reading some of the reviews on here. A lot of reviews are great - but others are... READ MORE

Don't doctors notice people are prettier before Ultherapy? How can we get our spark back?

This is a result from a top surgeon. I believe the machine just burns fat and makes the beauty and character GONE. How can we get our spark back? READ MORE

I am experiencing swelling and bruising after Ultherapy and want to know if exercise is going to make it worse?

I had ultherapy on lower face and neck yesterday. In the evening I noticed swelling and used ice packs. I went to the gym this morning as usual and... READ MORE

Is it any risk for a client with Vitiligo to have Ultherapy on face where some Vitiligo spots are?

Is there risk that Vitiligo can worsen after Ultherapy - by spreading new white spots. READ MORE

Would this work for me - I am 73.

No photo, have been told by clinic that ultherapy would work I would like a face lift, cannot afford one. Just don't want to look worse I was very... READ MORE

How can I thin out collagen?

Ultherapy made me puffy and contour less. The results are ugly. I'm month 7 and getting worse. Is there anything I can do? READ MORE

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