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Can Ultherapy Cause Natural Face Volume Loss (Not from Fat Graft or Fillers, but Natural Fat)?

I'm considering ulthera for lifting my jowl area, upper & lower cheeks. I have good volume but some sagging.I don't want to lose my natural cheek... READ MORE

Why are there horror stories with Ultherapy?

Considering having ultherapy. On realself there are impressive photos with happy patients. There are also unhappy patients with horror stories and... READ MORE

Can Ulthera Result in Noticeable Volume Loss in Cheeks?

This would present a big problem for me. What I would like is a slight lift to my face without the volume loss. Adult:65. READ MORE

I'm considering Ulthera but it has awful reviews. Volume loss after a year. What's going on w/ that procedure, any alternatives?

I was considering Ilthera but it has such awful reviews. It seems the first year everyone is very happy with the results and then after that it goes... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for slight jowls? (Photo)

I had ultherapy done 2 months ago. I wanted to do something preventative and to keep my skin looking fresh. I noticed about 1 month after ultherapy I... READ MORE

What can be done if anything for this disfigurement caused by Ultherapy 14 months ago? (Photos)

The volume loss from Ultherapy is so severe that it just keeps spreading 14 months later. This is what happens when I touch my face to put on face... READ MORE

Ultherapy Reducing Wanted Facial Volume?

I am confused. There are so many conflicting opinions about ultherapy's effect on facial fat. Many PS say it damages fat and others say no. What is... READ MORE

I am 43 and have I have sagging jowls, neck and cheeks. My skin is very thin. Ultherapy or Mini lift? (photos)

I am a thin person and I don't have very much volume in my face or neck. I am considering Ultherapy face /neck, but I'm afraid it may not have good... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy help with volume loss?

Hello doctors ! My question is if ultherapy can help with volume Loss (specialy mid and lower face ) or basiclly if it can replace a mild to moderate... READ MORE

Severe volume loss after Ulthera. Can Sculptra help restore facial volume & contours without making me look puffy? (Photo)

I had Ulthera full face 09/28/15 & am experiencing extreme volume loss causing retracted eyes and extra skin folds when smiling. Bi have always had... READ MORE

I would like to know if I would get the same results with Ultherapy, as a mini facelift? (Photo)

I am not sure if I am ready for a mini face lift yet. I was wondering if I would get similar results with Ultherapy ? Does Ultherapy help with... READ MORE

Does Ultherapy last for 1.5 after treatment or after results kick in (6 months)?

Then what happens? The muscle and skin relax? Or you slowly start sagging? There's a lot of volume loss stories. Is this because the practitioner... READ MORE

Can Ulthera cause tissue depression & volume loss ?

I had Ulthera 3 weeks ago & have just noticed depression in the right side of my cheek from the cheek bone down to the jawline it's totally flat... READ MORE

New marionette lines after botox and ultherapy. What caused this?

Had ultherapy and botox done in jawline (called nefertiti lift) a few weeks ago. Now I'm noticing these new marionette lines from the corner of my... READ MORE

Ultherapy is making my nose smaller. This is not okay! Can this be reversed? What can I do to make the skin thick again?

I had ultherapy done 2 months ago. Not only do I have severe volume loss under eyes now, but my nose is thinning! The nostril itself used to be... READ MORE

I did Ultherapy to lift my under eyes 9 months ago. Now under eyes have become more hollow. When does the volume loss stop?

Ultherapy done on under eyes is causing volume loss on one side of my face around the cheekbones. I did it 9 months ago...when will the side effects... READ MORE

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