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Ultherapy Vs Thermage for Skin Tightening

Which is better for skin tightening - Ulthera or Thermage? READ MORE

Long-lasting Results for Ultherapy on Jowls?

How long do results last after a Ultherapy procedure to tighten loose skin around the jowls and neck? READ MORE

Can Ulthera Eye Treatment Cause Fat Loss Or Loose Skin Over Time?

Is it at all Possible that Ulthera could cause Fat Loss or make skin actually looser long term ?? I am considering the Upper Eye lid Tightening... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy be used successfully on the abdomen/stomach? (photos)

I am skinny/fit with slight loose skin (when I bend) from birthing 2 babies. It is simply not enough damage to undergo the knife. Can Ultherapy... READ MORE

Will Ultherapy Really Get Rid of Under-chin Sag?

I'm not over weight, but at 63 have got some loose skin. Have seen Ultherapy advertised as "Non-invasive; no down time; no recovery... READ MORE

After Ulthera Saggy Chin and Welt Inside Mouth?

I had Ulthera yesterday - a very good experience as far as the clinic, but my under-chin area is significantly worse. I sent pix to the nurse who... READ MORE

Any recommended laser for skin tightening only stomach, flank, buttocks?

I weigh 114 pounds and have possible 1/2 inch of loose skin from childbirth to include stretchmarks. I would like my skin tightened and lifted but... READ MORE

Will Laser Skin Tighten (Ultherapy) Help My Abdomen After Kids? (Photo)

Hello, I’m almost to my ideal weight but my stomach keeps looking worse. I have this wrinkle skin above my belly button and under. I'm 5'7 133 lbs. S... READ MORE

How Long After Cheek Implant Removal Can I Do Ulthera?

I am planning on removing cheek implants cause they make my cheeks look too big, I regret getting them =( I was wondering if I want to do ulthera... READ MORE

How soon after juvederm to the tear troughs can I have an Ulthera treatment?

I have very prominent "bags" under my eyes as well as loose skin under my neck. I met with a cosmetic surgeon who recommended full face and neck... READ MORE

Exilis elite vs ultherapy for stomach buttocks flank and thigh?

I weigh 114 pounds and have possible 1/2 inch of loose skin from childbirth to include stretchmarks. I would like my skin tightened and lifted but... READ MORE

Can you get Ultherapy if you may be pregnant?

I'm supposed to be a model for a training on ultherapy on loose skin on abdomin. I am not as far as I know nor trying but just wanted to know would... READ MORE

5 weeks post op Ultherapy, I have droopy results. Any suggestions? (photos)

My doc recommended a touch up from my 1st Ultherapy, but had her nurse do the treatment. I moved forward based on her recommendation. During, felt she... READ MORE

Too much derma rolling and Ultherapy.

Hello, I have have lost thirty pounds. My weight has yo yo through my life. This time around my skin did not forgive. I have a tiny bit of lose skin.... READ MORE

Have there been further studies regarding the effects of Ulthera on fillers?

I had a few Voluma vials added over the course of the past month and am happy with the result. I am considering another ulthera treatment for under my... READ MORE

Is Ultherapy right for me?

I'm considering Ultherapy for Jaw line and arm flAps? Does it work on arms? I do not have a lot of fat on jaw line, will Ultherapy thighten my loose skin? READ MORE

Why was I advised to do ultherapy?

I went to get a consult and the physician suggested Ultherapy. I felt like it was a sales ploy. I did research on the procedure and if it works like... READ MORE

I'm 29 years old. Is Ultherapy option for me? Silhouette Instalift vs Ultherapy (photos)

I received 2 different opinions from doctors. One of the suggested Silhouette instalift and other suggested ultherapy considering my age and minimal... READ MORE

Would Ultherapy or surgery be the more effective solution for the loose skin on my platysmal muscle? (Photo)

I am a 47 yo female - thin and fit, no neck fat. I have lines of skin starting to come down my neck under my chin along the platysma muscles. I am an... READ MORE

Is ultherapy or the piano3 yag laser better for loose neck skin/chest sleep lines?

Every morning i keep waking up with more and more creases in my neck and chest area that are taking longer to disappear. I just was wondering which... READ MORE

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