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What is Damaged by Ulthera During the Treatment Process?

What is it that is damaged under the skin during the Ulthera treatment process? READ MORE

Help for damage after Ultherapy. What can correct global facial fat atrophy, eyelid retraction, & lateral canthus damage.(photo)

Are there any ETHICAL DR's on this site who are willing to offer sound advice for the numerous women adversely affected by improperly performed... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy done 8 months ago and I had nerve trauma. Am I at risk of permanent damage due to the long time period?

The right side of my lip is noticeably droopingI Aso have other damage but the lip on one side seems to have the most.I was told by a doctor that is... READ MORE

Ultherapy Side Effects. The lower part of my face is still numb. Is this normal?

I've had an Ultherapy procedure done a week ago.licodin injected was to my lower part of face/chin/neck to make it numb in order to preform the... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy cause smaller eyes and detrimental fat loss in a 25 year old? (Photo)

Hi I'm 25 years old and had blepharoplasty early in the year. Still wanted a larger eye and so did some Botox but still wasn't pleased. Dr suggested... READ MORE

If Ultherapy is so great, why is it one review from an F rating?

The women all need facelifts and therapy afterwards. I take it the fascia and smas get dehydrated, shriveled, and damaged by the heat? Besides... READ MORE

Have you seen successful Ultherapy results/happy patients after 1 year of Ultherapy or have you seen damage due to Ultherapy?

I recently had ultherapy ( 1 week ago) and I am having a lot of numbness under my jaw. I had the mid face and below jaw done. I am 43 years old. Based... READ MORE

I had too strong of a treatment from Ultherapy and am showing signs of radiation dermatitis and occular damage.

Can anyone explain how this turned into radiation? They used an old machine and gave me 3x the dose that I needed. I have been diagnosed with... READ MORE

Can Ulthera (hifu) treatments on my thighs and buttocks have destroyed my lymph nodes?

Hello, I recently had Ulthera done on my buttock and legs. Soon after, I started to see cellulite appearing and masses of fat on my tights and buttock... READ MORE

How can I reverse damage to eyes after Ultherapy?

I had Ultherapy done and the skin around my eyes shrunk, making my eyes appear much smaller. Also, the fat within and around my eye globes was melted... READ MORE

Can you have Ultherapy done after receiving fillers?

Can you have ultherapy done after receiving fillers? I heard you have to wait a few months as the heat could melt the fillers? I was thinking about... READ MORE

Can anyone recommend a permanent solution to ultherapy facial sag?

I tried voluma, but within 3 weeks it was gone! I cannot afford these fillers. I was told because the tissue is damaged , that fat grafts would not... READ MORE

Does Ulthera treatment affect or shorten the telemeres in the DNA?

I'm considering Ulthera treatment for the neck, but a doctor who uses less aggressive skincare modalities said that treatments like Ulthera and... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy cause damage if done improperly w/improper technique or is it a fail safe procedure that any provider can perform?

Would a thin faced woman w/mild skin laxity receive the same exact amount of lines and energy levels as a full faced woman w/double chin &moderate... READ MORE

Left lower lip is not working properly and numbness on the left lower cheek after Ultherapy. (photos)

I got ultherapy 2 days ago and noticed that my lower left lip is not moving or working properly. My smile line changes and I'm having a hard time... READ MORE

Ultherapy question

I had a small area on my neck done and was very concerned about the adam apple area and the lymph nodes on the upper side of the neck. One node seemed... READ MORE

How can I repair damage/ fat loss done by Ultherapy?

I had Ultherapy done and my face is uncomfortably tight. I no longer look like myself, as the fat on my face was destroyed. I can pull the skin on my... READ MORE

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