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I Had Ultherapy Done Under my Chin and the Next Day I Had What Appeared Small Burnt Marks, is This Normal?

Nickel size burnt marks - very symmetrical on both sides - under my jaw line (closer to the ear). It resolved within a week. Was this normal? READ MORE

Laser Treatment Done Badly Left with 3mo.of Redness and Scarring, Can I Do Ultherapy Now?

Had laser treatment on my face for roseacea from a "top" plastic surgeon. I ended up with 3 months of redness (burn) and scarring. The color... READ MORE

What can be done for burn victims of Ultherapy?

I don't care if I get kicked off. How can these women heal their tissues, muscles, fat, faces? OMGGGG Seeking real ethical surgeons. No clowns, please. READ MORE

Can someone please help me

My eyes are sunk in my texture isn't the same my volume on my face is less my hair falling out my eyes burn and my vision is blurry READ MORE

A month after ultherapy, I feel like a burn victim. Is there any chance I will survive this? Expert advice needed.

I'm not being dramatic. Im actually a med.resident and if you look at my other questions you'll see how drs responded that ultherapy is dangerous/can... READ MORE

Can fibrotic tissue/ skin ever be what it was again?

My facial skin is all electrical burns. feels grimey dirty . All of it is that way. I tried dermapen.It was soft but only for a day. The layers are... READ MORE

What are the electric shocks from in Ultherapy?

I understand it is a "burn" under the skin. What is the shock from? Is that part of the burn? I am confused what this is. READ MORE

The spa I went to has been using ultherapy since 2012. Why did they not upgrade to Amplify? It'seems free.

Ate the old machines stronger? My treatment was a year and a half ago. It was strong that burns showed up on my skin 6 most later. Eyes damaged. 620... READ MORE

I had had ultherapy at a dump spa. The nurse could not speak well. They gave shots and vicodin. I thought it was a tens unit?

V beauty nothing to lift. 5 mos electricity .It struck me to the ground and my face starts ripping off in a tetanic contracture. It was so strong. My... READ MORE

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