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Ultherapy Vs Fraxel for Skin Tightening and Shrinking Pores

Hi, I am mid 40s & have aged pretty well, no wrinkles.BUT I have sagging in the jowl & neck & recently noticed my cheeks have started... READ MORE

How Often Do Patients Still Get Neck-lifts After Ulthera?

After the ulthera procedure to reshape the neck how likely is it to need to have another neck-lift procedure? Is this a procedure that is better to... READ MORE

Considering Ultherapy, but Have Gold Threads in the Cheaks and Teeth Implants, Advise Pls.

I am 50 years old woman, had gold threads implanted in my cheaks 11 years ago. Teeth implants also. Can I consider ultherapy and is it worth just... READ MORE

I am 52 yrs, Ultherapy for my neck and lower face? (photo)

This last year has really seen my neck skin become loose as well as the lower part of my face. Would love your opinion. I'm a Paramedic and simply do... READ MORE

Ultherapy full face done 8 days ago. Edema after 1 week on jowl area looks horrible. Is that normal? Is it ok to ice it?

Ultherapy full face done 8 daysago. I am a 50 year old woman. Excellent skin quality for my age wanted a little lift for the jowl and eye area. One... READ MORE

Silhouette Soft (UK) or Ultherapy (UK) for a slightly sagging jawline, which is better for a 47 year old with good skin? (Photo)

UK based, I've been advised I'm a good candidate for both, keen to tighten my jaw line which is sagging slightly, I'm 47 with good skin, use Botox and... READ MORE

How is Oxylift (for home use) different than Ultherapy?

I'm really afraid of the pain I read in the reviews. The website for ulther near me says no pain...! I am 49 & my neck & checks are falling and pale... READ MORE

Big Buccal Cheeks After Ultherapy?

I am an asian female 50's with high cheek bones and strong jaw lines with hollow lower cheeks. After a couple of hours of the ultherapy treatment... READ MORE

Ultherapy vs. V-beam? I want a treatment for a sagging jaw line and acne scars.

I am a 50 year old female. I am looking for a treatment for a slightly sagging jaw line and tightening of eyelids. I also have some leftover acne... READ MORE

Ultherapy or a neck lift? (Photo)

I failed a visual field test and am having a blepharoplasty. While I'm having this procedure, I thought about taking care of my turkey wattle. Will... READ MORE

Non surgical facelift?

Hi there just starting to get jowls ( I'm 48) my Dr says I'm borderline and should wait a little longer before having a facelift. Please could you... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy and Thermage have an inflating effect on the face?

I'm 49.I had ulthera 18 months ago and thermage 7 months ago and PRP twice. since the ulthera my cheeks (especially lower cheeks) look pretty inflated... READ MORE

Had ultherapy on upper neck and lower face 12 days ago. I am still swollen. Looks like double chin. Any suggestion?

I did this to correct  mild sagging under chin and jowls. I'm 54. 12 days now. Procedure was excruciating. The swelling under chin and upper neck... READ MORE

May I have some information about Ultraformer?

Hi, i am looking at Ultraformer (similar procedure Ultherapy?) but cannot find any reviews or information on this procedure. Can anyone advise/help? I... READ MORE

I am concerned about my lax jawline. I am considering ultherapy or Thermitight. Which would be the most effective? (Photo)

Which procedure (ultherapy or Thermitight) would I be best suited for? I am almost 48 and like the no downtime with ultherapy. I live in the Northern... READ MORE

I'm 49 yrs old - Is Ultherapy for ugly double chin and slightly sagging face a good choice? (photos)

I take very good care of my skin with great products and sunscreen daily. I have two issues. 1. I HATE my double chin. I had Ultherapy done 6 weeks... READ MORE

If I maintain ultherapy results by getting it redone every yr or 2 or as needed, can results be maintained indefinitely? (photo)

I am 51 and scheduled for ultherapy full face and treatment in December. Although I am 50 I am just beginning to experience the signs of aging... READ MORE

Would Ultherapy give a reasonable amount if benefit? (photos)

I'm a 47 year old leith a reasonably nice skin tone. The only interventions I've used are some fillers & Botox. I've held an ideal body weight my... READ MORE

Have any of you doctors had success treating malar bags or festoons using Ultherapy? (Photo)

I am 51 and scheduled for ultherapy full face and neck treatment in December. Although I am 51, I am just beginning to experience the signs of aging... READ MORE

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