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I Just Had Botox and I Want to Do Ulthera in Two Weeks, is This Ok.

I Just Had Botox and I Want to Do Ulthera in Two Weeks, is This Ok. READ MORE

Why Am I Not Seeing Results After Two Weeks out from Ulthera and Sculptra Same Day ?

I had ultherapy two weeks ago followed immediately with 2 vials of sculptra. Presently, I see no improvement. Why? READ MORE

Ulthera Side Effect?

I am 27 years old, had ulthera on my eyebrows 2 weeks ago. After the treatment had no bruises or swelling, only tingling and sensitive to touch. After... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned? 2 Weeks Post and Have Welts/Lines?

I got Ultherapy 2 weeks ago. I had over a dozen welts/lines on both sides with tiny blisters and scabbing. I also looked like a chipmunk with all the... READ MORE

Can I Take a Steroid Medicine (Methyprednisolone) After Ulthera?

I got ultherapy 2 weeks ago. After that I got severe neck problems, I had took Ibruprofen now and then with no help. So, my doctor told me to use... READ MORE

Are IPL Photofacials and Microdermabrasion Safe Following an Ulthera Treatment?

And if so, how long should I wait to receive these treatments? I'm worried that they might undo the effects of my full face and neck Ulthera... READ MORE

I had ultherapy treatment 2.5 weeks ago and still track marks have not healed? (Photos)

I still have the track marks. I am afraid that these track marks will not go away. They look like lines along my jawline and also with little dots. I... READ MORE

Will taking prednisone decrease ulthera's ability to lay down new collagen?

2 weeks ago I had the ulthera procedure on face and around eyes. Yesterday, due to a back ailment, my ortho doc just prescribed prednisone for 2 weeks... READ MORE

I Had Fraxel Restore 2 Weeks Ago. Is It Too Soon to Have Ultherapy?

I Had Fraxel Restore 2 Weeks Ago. Is It Too Soon to Have Ultherapy? READ MORE

Had ultherapy on upper neck and lower face 12 days ago. I am still swollen. Looks like double chin. Any suggestion?

I did this to correct  mild sagging under chin and jowls. I'm 54. 12 days now. Procedure was excruciating. The swelling under chin and upper neck... READ MORE

Fat grafts post Ultherapy. Is there any conflict of interest by having the fat grafts after the Ultherapy?

Had ultherapy on my face a couple weeks ago. Having fat grafts to my cheeks and a bit around my side eye sockets in 2 weeks. Time between the 2... READ MORE

Does Ultherapy affect Sculptra?

I have just had Ultherapy 2 weeks ago but have also had 3 injections of Sculptra , all 3 was completed from last year Dec. to this year Feb. , would... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy cause hair loss in women?

I had the Ultherapy treatment done 2 weeks ago and since then I have had a lot more strands of my hair coming out at a time. I wouldn't say chuncks of... READ MORE

Is it possible that Ultherapy to the forehead can affect sinus drainage?

2 Weeks out from Ultherapy to forehead I have under eye bags and bruising on medial portions of orbital bones and eyelids. No allergies. Saw MD who... READ MORE

New marionette lines after botox and ultherapy. What caused this?

Had ultherapy and botox done in jawline (called nefertiti lift) a few weeks ago. Now I'm noticing these new marionette lines from the corner of my... READ MORE

Ultherapy and Termismooth Together? Will it speed up results?

I recently had Ulthera about two weeks ago. I understand it takes some time to see results, but I'm getting antsy as I'm getting married in a few... READ MORE

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