1 Week Post-op + Ultherapy

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Ultherapy Makes Me Look Like a Chipmunk. Is This Swelling? Is This Normal?

I had ultherapy done just last week around my jowls. Strangely enough, I had it done just one side of my face because another side is not much droopy.... READ MORE

How Long Does the Swelling Take Place After Having Ultherapy Done? (photo)

I recently got Ultherapy done on Tuesday, September 10th. I am 34 years old and only received it on my cheeks, jaw line and upper lip. It is the 3rd... READ MORE

Ultherapy Paralysis On Lower Right Side of Lip; Normal?

I had Ulthereapy 5 days ago and my jaw line is still quite swollen and tender. The thing I am very concerned about though is the fact that the lower... READ MORE

Ultherapy Dozens of Round Bumps Under my Skin on Checks, Jaw and Neck?

5 days ago I had Ultherapy. Right after I noticed a bump on my check. When I awoke in the am I had dozens of lumps, bumps under the skin. Not in the... READ MORE

Can an Ultherapy Side Effect Be Burning and Tingling on Scalp?

I had Ultherapy last week. I had facial swelling and some bruising. This week the center part of my scalp has been burning. Are they related? The... READ MORE

4 Hard Welts After Ulthera Treatment?

I had full face and neck ulthera treatment done 6 days. Right after the treatment I got 6 big hard welts on my neck... They are still there and... READ MORE

Ultherapy full face done 8 days ago. Edema after 1 week on jowl area looks horrible. Is that normal? Is it ok to ice it?

Ultherapy full face done 8 daysago. I am a 50 year old woman. Excellent skin quality for my age wanted a little lift for the jowl and eye area. One... READ MORE

Wondering if I can use my beauty gadgets after Ultherapy!

I had ultherapy last week and was wondering if I can use my beauty gadgets now. I have the NuFace Trinity and the Palovia laser and the lightstim.... READ MORE

Swelling under chin after Ultherapy on jowls and under my chin 5 days post op. Is this normal?

On the 2nd day after the procedure, I tied my neck up like a compression garment for the day and slept with it on and the next day my swelling looked... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy done on my lower face and jawline 5 days ago. My left cheek now has a hollow/dent. Normal?

I think the Ultherapy I had 5 days ago melted some of the fat on my left cheek. Is this permanent. Everyone in my office can see the difference in my... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy 6 days ago (3/16) on my neck and lips. Is this normal? Will this affect my results? (Photo)

Hi there. My ultherapy neck and lip treatment was 3/16/15. My neck feels like it's burned on the surface and I have these welt like lines. Part one of... READ MORE

Had Ultherapy on chin and neck area. 5 days after, I still have considerable swelling under my chin area.

Had Ultherapy on chin and neck area to reduce small double chin look. 5 days after, I still have considerable swelling under my chin area. I was given... READ MORE

Ulthera Safe One Year Post Fat Graft?

A year ago I had fat transfer done to my cheek and mouth area. A lot of it has reabsorbed but my skin was getting looser so I decided to have Ulthera.... READ MORE

Ultherapy Side Effects. The lower part of my face is still numb. Is this normal?

I've had an Ultherapy procedure done a week ago.licodin injected was to my lower part of face/chin/neck to make it numb in order to preform the... READ MORE

Have you seen successful Ultherapy results/happy patients after 1 year of Ultherapy or have you seen damage due to Ultherapy?

I recently had ultherapy ( 1 week ago) and I am having a lot of numbness under my jaw. I had the mid face and below jaw done. I am 43 years old. Based... READ MORE

Disproportional face after Ultherapy?

I have done ultherapy on my jawline and double chin one week ago. I have rather big cheeks and I'm now panicking they will look bigger after my... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy a week ago. Since then I have been severe migraine, which is something I already suffered with. Any suggestion?

But meds usually work and I have not gotten any relief in a week now. Are there any suggestion you may have I've tried excedren migraine and Advil... READ MORE

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