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Incision is Splitting in Center and Has a Yellow Pus Coming out - is This Normal?

I am 3 weeks post tummy tuck and my incision steri strips fell off in the center. The incision is splitting about a quarter of an inch open in the... READ MORE

Is Yellow Drainage from my Incision Normal Two Weeks After a Tummy Tuck? (Photos)

I had a BR and TT 2 ½ weeks ago. I am concerned about a spot in the middle of my incision that is draining. I still have both of my drains in.... READ MORE

Yellow and Crusting Belly Button After Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I am 3 week post op and my belly button looked great the first week but then it started to leak small amount of yellow and it seems to not want to... READ MORE

Is it normal to have clear yellow liquid leaking out of your belly button after tummy tuck? (photo)

Is it normal to have clear yellow liquid leaking out of your belly button after tummy tuck? I'm 16 days post op. It doesn't smell and I don't have a... READ MORE

Tummy tuck wound: Tiny hole with an open "tunnel" next to it, pus under skin; Cleaning inside with saline with a syringe myself?

Full TT 5 wks ago, had a seroma aspirated 3 times, looks like it's gone now. 2 wks ago a tiny hole opened in the incision and drained orange clear... READ MORE

Is my tummy tuck incision bad? (Photo)

Can see white facia in hole (is this really dangerously deep?, red streaks around "good" parts of incision are these a bad sign?, purply skin around... READ MORE

Why Are my Stitches Looking Wet and Yellow/white and Some Brown. Are They Healing Properly?

I'm 3 weeks and 2 days PO, Tummy tuck, muscle tightening.  after I have a shower I dry my stitches with a hairdryer and re dress them with a... READ MORE

Infection After Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I have what looks like a bad infection.PS says not infected. At 1st applied bacitracin & covered..Now use saline & gauze, packing &... READ MORE

Is this normal healing? 27 days post tummy tuck. (Photo)

I am 27 days post tummy tuck. Here is a photo of my incision. I'm concerned about the pale yellow places. Those spots were originally more like scabs.... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of Tummy Tuck, I have two small opening on my incision and slight redness. Is this an infection? (photos)

I have two small openings on my incision. There is slight redness and last night I noticed a bit of yellow discharge while changing my tape. I applied... READ MORE

Is the way the scar should look like under the Mepiform tape after 4 days? (Photo)

I had my Tummy tuck surgery on January 20th At the 3 weeks fallow up check up my doctor give me green light to start using silicone tape Mepiform... READ MORE

Sour Smell from TT Incision with Drainage 5 Weeks Post Op is This Infection?

I had my last drain come out accidentally at 3 weeks post op tummy tuck/ incisional hernia repair while it was stil draining 75 cc in 24 hour period,... READ MORE

Two weeks post op Tummy Tuck, is my belly button infected? (photos)

Does my BB look infected? Nurse saw it last wk. before it looked this bad, showed dr. A pic and he said to keep it clean with soap and water and... READ MORE

Is it healing or did it get worse? (photos)

So as I posted before I had a small opening in my incision 6 days after tummy tuck it was really clean the doctor told me to apply Neosporin and a... READ MORE

What should I do about this tummy tuck? There is a 2-3 inch hole which leaks a yellow fluid. (Photo)

4 month post op tummy tuck. drain didn't work. starting leaking out of belly button. surgeon removed stitches too early and my umbilical cord was... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Tummy Tuck, draining yellow discharge from belly button. Could this be an infection? (photos)

I had a tt and lipo 3 weeks ago. Drains we're removed on the 18th day. I started to notice a drainage since Tuesday morning day 19. Drain is minimal... READ MORE

Had A FTT 18 Days Ago and I Have a Few Yellow Spots Along my Incision Line is This Normal or a Sign of Infection?

I am not flat on my lower tummy like most people and my swelling concentrates on that area also, it feels really hard and i am so scared of staying... READ MORE

I think my belly button has infection! Any suggestions? (photos)

My belly button is keep having drainage . I am cleaning daily with antibiotics. There is no prudent odor and the drainage is clear but i keep getting... READ MORE

Necrosis from TT?

Is there anything I can do to speed up a healing for necrosis after tummy tuck? Is the yellow/green color on the edges normal? READ MORE

3 weeks post full TT, the middle belly line is blue/black and small yellow discharge is coming from belly button (Photo)

I can see small yellow discharge from my belly button and above belly button the area is blue black. I am three weeks post tt READ MORE

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