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Exercise After Tummy Tuck Surgery

How long after tummy tuck do I have to wait before I can start doing strenuous exercises (such as sit ups, crunches, weight lifting)? READ MORE

Can I Exercise 6 Weeks After Tummy Tuck?

I Will Be 6 Weeks Post Op (FTT, Lipo of the Flanks, BA, BL) Next Week What Excercise Are Recommended? I use to go to the gym 5-6 times a week &... READ MORE

Calculating Ideal Weight Prior to Loose Skin Removal Via Tummy Tuck

I have lost 115 lbs with diet and exercise & am considering a tummy tuck for removal of loose skin. I know I should be within 10 lbs of ideal... READ MORE

Will Weight/Strength Training Negatively Impact Tummy Tuck Recovery?

I am 2 wks post-op from tummy tuck. Before surgery I regularly weight/strength train and perform moderate cardio 4-5 days a week. Once I am able to... READ MORE

After Tummy Tuck, When Can I Lift 70 Lb.?

I had a full TT and muscle repair on June 23, 2010. My work requires that I be able to lift 70 lb.. I work in a Postal facility. I lift mail bags. I... READ MORE

Heavy Lifting After Tummy Tuck

I like to be aggressive with my weigh lifting. Once fully healed say one year or more out will I be restricted still? For example could I go back to... READ MORE

After a Tummy Tuck, How Long Will It Be Before I Can Do Ironing and Heavy Lifting?

I am due to have a tummy tuck on 3 July over here in London. I run an ironing business where I collect loads of laundry, iron it and then return it,... READ MORE

How Long After a Tummy Tuck and Hernia Repair Until I Can Go Back to Weight Lifting in the Gym?

I have been weight lifting in the gym for about 9 months. I love it and wonder when I can return to lifting. I had a hernia repair, diastasis recti... READ MORE

Is it ok to be weight training my abs after abdominoplasty?

I had tummy tuck in April 2013 10 months ago. Today at gym I tried to use weight to work my abs (1st time after surgery) and my upper abs were in pain... READ MORE

Full Tt 8 Weeks out with Plication-can I Weight Lift?

My surgeon is not allowing me to do anything other than walk or ride a bike for a full year, no crutches, no weights, no yoga, no Pilates. I lift... READ MORE

When is it ok for me to start lifting/working out like normal? (Photo)

Hello wonderful docs of Realself. I had a TT done b/c I had a scar that a plastic surgeon left on me after a belly button revision 10 years ago here... READ MORE

How Do I Know I Did Not Break my Muscle Repair While Weightlifting? (photo)

I have always felt a small hole right above the bb where the midline is. I train heavy in the gym (deadlifts, squats) and I started 4 months (light... READ MORE

How can I fix my tummy? (Photo)

Im toned and tight while standing size 2 i'm a heavy weight lifter and do cardio 3 or more times a week ...9 months postpartum can't get rid of the... READ MORE

When Can I Resume to Heavy Weightlifting?

I had a full TT and BA without MR 3 1/2 weeks ago. I am in fantastic shape physically. I am wondering when I can return to Olympic lifting/ CrossFit. READ MORE

Friend of mine told me you can't do heavy lifting after tummy tuck, is this true?

Hello all the doctors . Friend of mine is a gainec and she told me after tummy tuck I will never be able to tress my tummy as it's the most week area... READ MORE

Overweight weight lifting mummy of two. Shall I go for a tummy tuck and lipo of flanks? (Photo)

I am 88kgs for 164cm. I am very fit and i weight lift. I do not look 88kg i have a big muscle mass. I am schedule for a tummy tuck in july. BMI in... READ MORE

Will my abs still show after a full tummy tuck? (Photo)

I workout/lift everyday and I'm proud of my abs but many women's stomachs just look too smooth after? Can I bulk my abs back up? READ MORE

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