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How Long Should Surgical Tape Stay on Incision After a Full Tummy Tuck?

I am 9days out of a full tummy tuck and just curious if I should just leave the surgical tape on and let it fall off on its own or peel it off after a... READ MORE

How Soon After Tummy Tuck Can I Begin to Use 3M Microlpore Tape?

I am 15 days Post-op Tummy Tuck no muscle repair. My PS said I should wait 6 weeks until I can start using Micropore tape or silicone sheets, but I... READ MORE

Is there a way to treat tape burns that I've had for over 2 months from a tummy tuck or is it permanent?

I had a Mommy Makeover over 3 months ago, and while my tummy tuck incisions were healing, I used bandages that ended up giving my tummy "tape burn".... READ MORE

5 Week Postop Tummy Tuck and Surgical Tape is Still Attached?

I am 5 weeks postop and my original surgical tape is still attached? My ps said to allow it to come off naturally. Should I start taking it off?... READ MORE

What is the bubble on the scar tissue?

Hello, I had a tummy tuck 6 days ago. This morning I notice a bubble under the paper tape that covers the scar. Looks like some liquid inside. Doesn't... READ MORE

How Do I Remove the Dark Spot from Around my Belly Button That the Surgical Tape Left? (photo)

The tape used to cover my belly button after my tummy tuck has left a dark spot/ring. I've used alcohol, baby oil, peroxide etc. and nothing works to... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Incision Opening?

I am two weeks out from a tummy tuck and it seems like my incision is opening. It is like this for about 4 inches on each side, where the drains were... READ MORE

What Kind of Tape Can I Use to Cover my Abdominal Incision if I Want to Show my Belly? (photo)

I have two abdominal incisions. One's a scar revision around and below my navel. The other is under the bikini line from the tummy tuck. Is that a... READ MORE

Dr's please help me with a question...just had a tummy tuk in DR - should I be worried? (Photo)

I'm in DR right now have to stay a week longer do to complications with my skin,when i went for my first check up and the pulled tape of my incision... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Use Paper Tape on an Abdominal Incision?

Hi, I'm going to be having laparoscopic surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. One of the incisions is going to be on my stomach parallel to my navel. I'm... READ MORE

My Tapes from Tummy Tuck Fell After 8 Days. Is This Ok?

Hello! I had my tummy tuck a week ago (8 days) and I finnally took a shower after I got my drenages pipes removed. I have taken 3 shower after that... READ MORE

Will Taping my Stomach Along with Wearing my Compression Garment (Faja) Make my Stomach Flatter?

I had a full TT w/ lipo of flanks, back n waist 8wks ago but my stomach isn't as flat as I thought it would be & at 8wks I'm getting kind of... READ MORE

Should I Stop Taping the Incision if Still On/off Leaking? 4wks Post (photo)

I got some answers saying that my incision leaking due to : quoted from a Doctor from this site: "absorbable" sutures. Although for the most... READ MORE

Is the way the scar should look like under the Mepiform tape after 4 days? (Photo)

I had my Tummy tuck surgery on January 20th At the 3 weeks fallow up check up my doctor give me green light to start using silicone tape Mepiform... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck Tape Removal?

Hi so I am 2 weeks post op from my tummy tuck and I just removed the tape that was placed on my incision at my 1 week post op visit. My question is Im... READ MORE

Scarguard over Micropore Tape?

My doctor started using tape therapy (micropore) on my tummy tuck incision today, which only needs to be changed once a week. When I asked her if I... READ MORE

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