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Allergic Reaction from Surgical Glue?

I am a 42 years old female. I had a tummy tuck 8days ago and I have a severe allergic reaction from the surgical glue. My surgeon put me on steroid... READ MORE

Will Tricare Prime Pay for a Abdominoplasty and a Breast Reduction? (photo)

I have had 2 vertical c-sections. I have lower back pain and getting rashes below the flap of skin. I love to exercise and run but running has caused... READ MORE

Atopical Dermatitis After Tummy Tuck

I Am Almost 12 Days Post Op with my Tummy Tuck and Develop a Dermatitis, Please Help12 days post op and develop atopical dermatitis using Fucicort... READ MORE

Can U Tell Me Why I Look Like This After Sun? (photo)

After 4 c's &YEARS of TT research, had full TT 5/2/12. Recovered well but knew that patience was key. Saw sept. because I felt like a small... READ MORE

Is Fat Cavitation Treatment Safe with Umbilical Hernia Repair?

I have had umbilical hernia repair about 15 years ago in the uk and I'm not sure if mesh was used. I have recently had 2 sessions of fat cavitation... READ MORE

Am I a Good Canidate for a Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I have had 2 vertical C-sections and have lost over 50 lbs I am currently weighing 190 lbs and Im 5ft 2in. I work out 6 days a week and run 2 miles a... READ MORE

What are the pink/purple blotchy spots around my belly button? (Photo)

I will be calling Monday my doctor, but I woke up today 6/21/14 and noticed I developed these blotchy spots around the BB area. I went to massage the... READ MORE

Is this normal 4 weeks after Tummy tuck? Red and itchy rash. (photos)

My tummy tuck was on November 12. Just prior to my 4 week check up, I developed a red and itchy rash around my incision and belly button. There are is... READ MORE

On TT Incision. Is This Just Rash? or Something I Should Be Concerned About?

A day after 4wks p/o f/u. PS clears me for scar treatment. Same evening. I had itchiness on both end of incision. Applied cortizone cream. Next... READ MORE

Skin rash from compression garment?

I had a tummy tuck and breast reduction on 11/14. have been using the surgical binder from my tummy tuck and surgical bra all the time except when... READ MORE

5 weeks post op Tummy Tuck, what can I apply to a rash?

I believe its due to the binder after my tummy tuck. its itchy and gets bumpy at times. its on my left abdomen and close to the incision also have... READ MORE

Insurance is Covering my Breast Reduction, Will They Cover a Tummy Tuck Too?

I am having a breast reduction paid for my tricare/united healthcare. But lately I have also been considering a tummy tuck as well. Tomorrow I am... READ MORE

What is the average cost for abdominoplasty with hysterectomy?

What is the average cost for abdominoplasty with hysterectomy since I do have insurance and my Dr said everything will be billed by her except the... READ MORE

Why do I have a red wet rash around the belly button 3 months post TT? It's weeping & crusting over daily. (Photo)

TT done April 05th, belly button was the first to heal! Now it has developed a red angry rash, and weeps! It isnt open the scar is fine and closed... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Teardrop Naval Surgery? (photo)

Seems that Ive developed a rash of some type around my naval there are a couple small in diameter and very itchy. Is this cause for concern? Is this... READ MORE

Extreme itching and rash from surgical soap. Is there anything I can do?

I'm scheduled to go in for an abdominoplasty in a few days and was asked to start using Dexidin soap. After showering with it as directed, my skin is... READ MORE

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