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Is This a Suture Abscess? Or Infection? (photo)

Im 4 weeks post FTT. I went to see my doctor last week because I notice that a small part of my incision was open and red and had a bit of pus, and a... READ MORE

My Incision is Opening at 19 Days Post Operation with White Pus and Now White Cream Cheese Look Inside the Wound? (photo)

It started at PO day 17 with a little white stringy pus coming out and now two days later it is a white cream cheese looking substance in the incision... READ MORE

A Hole in Incision at 5 Weeks Po Tt?

I woke up with a hole in my incision. Its freaking me out n giving me a lot more chills just thinking about hole. I hate it. I cant get my mind off .... READ MORE

I Have an Infection With Puss Coming out of my Incision. Small Opening, Been Almost Three Weeks?

Tummy tuck,puss coming out.not a big opening but i have discharge coming out and im on augmentin.i dont smoke and i am healthy.all most 3 weeks since... READ MORE

Why is There Discharge/puss Coming out of my Belly Button? (photo)

I am almost 2 weeks post op from my tummy tuck and there is still fluid coming out of my belly button incision. it gets on my tank top too, so its not... READ MORE

Small hole in my incision is leaking pus. I'm three weeks post-op. What should I do?

Last night a small hole opened up in my incision, leaking blood and pus. I called my PS. He said it is probably a boil and needs to be cleaned with... READ MORE

White Thick Rubber Like Puss After Using Silicone Strips on Incision?

I had a full TT20 days ago. My PS said everything looked & my incision was healing right along. Last Thurs I started using silicone strips. I... READ MORE

Puss on Tummy Tuck incision 6 weeks post-op. What should I do to keep it from getting worse? (photos)

I had a tt about 6 weeks ago and about 3 day ago a little part on the incision had a little bump with puss. My doctor told me it is probably a... READ MORE

Tummy tuck wound: Tiny hole with an open "tunnel" next to it, pus under skin; Cleaning inside with saline with a syringe myself?

Full TT 5 wks ago, had a seroma aspirated 3 times, looks like it's gone now. 2 wks ago a tiny hole opened in the incision and drained orange clear... READ MORE

3 months post op, puss like coming out from drain area after abdominoplasty. Is this normal? (photos)

It is 3 months completed for my Abdominoplasty, suddenly i got pain and reddish area at the location of drain area from where my last drain strip was... READ MORE

When Can I Expect Discharge to Stop After Tummy Tuck and Lipo?

I had a Tummy Tuck and body lipo on last February 12. I had a drainage for only 9 days. After the seventh day, my belly started to swell up and my... READ MORE

Is this normal healing? 27 days post tummy tuck. (Photo)

I am 27 days post tummy tuck. Here is a photo of my incision. I'm concerned about the pale yellow places. Those spots were originally more like scabs.... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Belly Button Swell Up and Pus Come out After Tummy Tuck Done 9 Months Ago? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck done 9 months ago and this week my belly button began to swell and then it popped, with A LOT of pus oozing out. I went back to... READ MORE

When Will Infected Scar After Tummy Tuck Heal?

I had a tummytuck almost 4 weeks ago. My incision seemed really wide and had a big scar on it so my surgeon cut the scaring out and told me to pack it... READ MORE

Two weeks post op Tummy Tuck, is my belly button infected? (photos)

Does my BB look infected? Nurse saw it last wk. before it looked this bad, showed dr. A pic and he said to keep it clean with soap and water and... READ MORE

Tummy tuck infection post op. Why am I having so many problems? (Photo)

My incision separated in 3 areas; above pubic bone, R hip and belly button. An antibiotic was prescribed (Bactrim). 6 weeks post op, new opening on my... READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair-Almost 2 Weeks Post Op, Possible Infection or Incision Separation? (photo)

I had a FTT with MR on June 29th. About one week post op my incision directly below my belly button and my belly button incision started to turn red.... READ MORE

Belly Button Still Red 2 Weeks After Tummy Tuck

Had a tummy tuck and my bellbutton is still red. its been two weeks should i be worried. it looks like it may have puss in the belly button? READ MORE

Skin under incision post TT looks green in some areas. Is this normal?

I am 11 days post tummy tuck. All of my incision has healed except above the pelvic area there is puss no fever and the skin is tender I think i... READ MORE

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