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Does percoset make you sick?

I got my TT 2 days ago...and had dry heaves when I got home then later...then again this morning. I only took Zofran...Once this morning. I have a... READ MORE

Wondering Why Some Doctors Choose Not to Use Percocet After a Tt and Lipo?

If its true and not an option what is? Can Vicodin cause water retention? READ MORE

Is it OK to take Percocet?

I had a tummy tuck about 24 hours ago I was prescribed both T3s and Percocet. I was told to only take Percocet if the pain is unbearable and the T3's... READ MORE

What Is Causing Buzzing in my Ears After TT and BA? Maybe Due to the Medicine (percocet)?

2 days ago I had a TT, change my breats size from 300cc to 500cc...I'm 5.2" 112lbs...skinny but the reason I had TT is because about 2 years... READ MORE

I have nausea 2 weeks after extended tummy tuck etc. Could this be an infection, or an allergic reaction to meds?

I had an extended tummy tuck and Lipo of hips and outer thighs and a fat graft in buttocks on 7/27/15. My recovery was going fine until Friday I began... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck with MR & Lipo: Will Percocet make me nauseous like Vicodin and Tramadol have?

I'm having a full TT with MR and lipo. I am told I will get Percocet for post-op pain. I've never taken Percocet before. I have severe nausea when I... READ MORE

Which Prescription Pain Killer for TT with MR?

I'm getting a Full TT with Muscle Repair and umbilical hernia repair. I've given birth to 2 babies, I'm 135 pounds, 5'6'', only weight loss I've had... READ MORE

Why do some surgeons require a hospital stay after a TT and some don't?

I'm scheduled to have a TT with MR on April 6th. I won't be staying at the hospital. I will be sent home once it's over with some muscle relaxers and... READ MORE

Tummy tuck: Is it common to only prescribe Percocet for pain?

I am having a full tummy tuck and lipo of hips and flanks and my doctor only prescribed Percocet. I took those after both c sections and they worked... READ MORE

Pain meds?

If my doctor gives me Percoset for pain and is going to anthesia me internally before he closes me up should that be enough to curb the pain, I have... READ MORE

Pain control after tummy tuck/BBL?

Hello, I take tylenol/hydrocodone 5/325 daily for knee pain prescribed by a pain specialist, so I am little concerned that my body is to used to... READ MORE

Bad reaction to Percocet? I'm planning a full tummy tuck and breast lift.

After my c section I took a Percocet for pain management. After taking it I felt like something was horribly wrong and couldn't sleep. The nurse said... READ MORE

Light headed and extreme pain when I attempt to stand or walk after extended tummy tuck and lower back look?

I am trying to get out of bed to walk, but I feel so lightheaded and the pain is intense. I am on Percocet 5-325 and am taking 2 every 4 fours. READ MORE

Could high heels and a tight Chanel belt cause a set back?

I am 30 days full TT upper muscle repair and lipo. I felt great yesterday was standing staraight all day but still a little tight in my upper wall . I... READ MORE

Why am I in severe pain 9 weeks after a major Abdominoplasty and liposuction?

I'm 61 and in pain from my breast bone to my pelvis, tightness burning and pulling. Unable to stand up straight. Stabbing pains below the incision hip... READ MORE

Dilaudid 4mg q 4 hrs for pain. Any suggestions?

Hello, I previously thought I would be getting Percocet for pain after my TT with MR and breast lift I have scheduled for April. I was wrong. I picked... READ MORE

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