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Are Hip Bulges or Muffin Top Common After a Full Tummy Tuck?

I noticed that alot of full Tummy Tuck after photos seem to show a lot of woman with "hip bulges" more prominent than before surgery. Why... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Fix Muffin Top 3 Months After Full TT? (photo)

So i got a full tt on dec 5, i go back next friday for another check up, what can i expect my doctor to do about my sides?..they look horrible i have... READ MORE

I had a full TT 19 days ago,Im now left with a muffin top one side larger then the other..My Doctor said i didnt need Lipo.

Now im unhappy.  will I have to pay another 5000 for lipo or will the doctor take care of that? an if so how long do i have to wait or if a... READ MORE

Should I Lose More Weight Before Going for Tummy Tuck?

I am 25 and considering a Tummy Tuck with some Liposuction around the edges (muffin top, below breasts, waist, hips and thighs). I obviously want... READ MORE

Swollen Flanks / Newly Acquired Muffin Top 1 Year After Full Tummy Tuck

Im 5'6 130 pounds. I needed a tt to get rid of the extra skin from kids. Now my stomach/flanks appear larger than before.My right side has a dog... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Did Not Work? (photo)

I am 13 weeks post full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo. I see some improvement but, I am still looking 3 months pregnant. Skin is not as flax... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op from Tummy Tuck and Lipo on Hips. Now I Am Getting a Muffin Top.

I am 4 weeks post op. I had a full tummy tuck and lipo on my hips. I was very flat till 2 weeks ago and now I have a muffin top. How can this be? I... READ MORE

What caused my failed muscle repair six months after TT? Is the second repair likely to fail? (Photo)

I had TT 5/27/14 was not happy so I had lipo of abdomen 8-2 still had a muffin top so I was cut circumfrentialy to remove excess skin & tissue 11-2... READ MORE

Disappointed with results 14 weeks post op Tummy Tuck and Liposuction to flanks. Is it swelling? (photos)

I'm 14 weeks post op tummy tuck and lipo to flanks. I feel that my flanks/love handles needed a bit more liposuction as I get a muffin top on the... READ MORE

Extended Tummy Tuck and I Still Have a Muffin Top- Is This My Final Result?

I am 8 weeks post op from having an extended tt, when I lay down or stand up I am flat. BUT when I am sitting I have a muffin top. Will this go down... READ MORE

8 Months Post Op from Extended Tummy and I Still Have a Large Muffin Top. Is This Normal? (photo)

I am 40 yrs old, 5ft 7 142 lbs... I had an extended tummy tuck 8 months ago and although it is much better, I still have a large muffin top. I eat... READ MORE

I am 5'3" and weight @170 lbs. can I get abdominoplasty at this weight? (photo)

I know that it would be best to lose weight first, but this seems to be the weight I can maintain. I am a vegetarian, eat pretty healthy, and exercise... READ MORE

Should One Lose Weight To Avoid a Muffin Top Forming After Tummy Tuck?

If someone is considering a tummy tuck. is it possible after a tummy tuck for the fat to push up above the stomach and on the side giving the... READ MORE

Why Do I Now Have a Muffin Top 3 Weeks Post TT Surgery?

I had TT 3 weeks ago, in office under light sedation. My PS does NOT use compression garments. My normal weight is 105. My post-op weight was 113. I... READ MORE

Full TT caused a muffin top. Then an extended bilateral hiplasty didn't help at all. Surgeon is telling me it's my hips? (Photo)

I had a Full Tummy Tuck but developed a muffin top immediately after. My surgeon tried to numb my sides and cut a flap of skin but it didn't help. I... READ MORE

Why would my plastic surgeon leave my muffin top like this? Is this just swelling? (photos)

I had a full TT with lipo to my hips & flanks 12/4/12. I have been very happy with my tummy but was left with a horrible muffin top. When I told my PS... READ MORE

Good Candidate For Tummy Tuck ?? Would It Make a Big Difference ? (photo)

I am wanting to have a tummy tuck as well as something to help get rid of the muffin top i have ( The hips , Flanks Ect ) Would lipo and a tummy tuck... READ MORE

Do TT Incision That is Straight Across and Low, Create More of a Boxy Muffin Top Shape than the Traditional U Incision? (photo)

I am 4'11" 118 lbs. I have a waist so I am not naturally square shaped, just petite. My PS said he prefers straight across incisions because they are... READ MORE

Muffin top & extra skin after full TT. What is the least invasive procedure that can be done to fix my mediocre results? (photo)

3 months ago I had a full Tummy Tuck with lipo on my love handles. I now have the dreaded muffin top above my Tummy Tuck Incision. I have dog ears,... READ MORE

Should I consider an extended tummy tuck for the best results? (Photo)

I want to get a tummy tuck this upcoming spring. One of the problems I have is that I carry a lot of fat in my flank area, and the skin in that area... READ MORE

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