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Is It Ok to a Stooler Softener Before Surgery Due to the Increase of Iron?

I'm scheduled for surgery in 10 days and I have increased iron in prep for surgery. In the meantime the iron is causing a bit of consitpation. Is it... READ MORE

Dietary supplements vitamins C, D and iron before surgery?

I'll be getting a tummy tuck in exactly 16 days. Wanted to know if I should start a regimen of taking dietary supplement vitamins C, D and iron. My... READ MORE

Blood Thinners or Iron Before a Tummy Tuck?

My doctor puts all of his tummy tuckers on iron for 3 weeks before surgery but I am reading many doctors put their people on blood thinners , two... READ MORE

I need to get my hemoglobin level from 10.2 to 12 in 2 months for my Tummy Tuck and Lipo surgery. Is this realistic and how?

I have been anemic all my life and my hemoglobin is a 10.2 right now. My pcp told me to eat enriched foods which i plan to do but did not recommend... READ MORE

Iron and B12 Levels; Will they cancel surgery if they find my levels are low/deficient?

I'm having a tummy tuck with Muscle repair done in 2 weeks in Ontario. I have a history of having low B12 and Iron levels. My pre admission... READ MORE

I Am Having a Circumferential Abdominoplasty in 10 Days and my Iron Level is 6.5! is Safe?

My tests indicate that my iron levels are at 6.5 and my circumferential abdominoplasty is on 19/12/2011.. I started taking 3 umpoles with fresh orange... READ MORE

My iron was 10.5 a couple of weeks ago. What's the likelihood for my iron to go up to 13 by June 10th to perform a Tummy Tuck?

My iron was 10.5 a couple of weeks ago. I got an iron infusion and have been taking blood builders.  My PS won't do my surgery unless my iron is... READ MORE

How can I assure my hemoglobin rises by March? (Photo)

My hemoglobin was at 11 in September I was taking iron but ran out. How many miligrams of iron should I have per day in order to have it at a safe... READ MORE

How can I raise my hemoglobin from 10.4 to 13 in 5 weeks' time? THANKS!

My surgery date is in 5 weeks. I have been taking a 300mg / 65mg elemental ferous sulfate otc iron supplement (feosol)1x a day and a prescription iron... READ MORE

My iron levels are 12.0. Is that to low for a TT and BBL ? I am having both surgeries in 3 weeks. Doctor says they are normal.

I recently did my pre-opt blood work for my TT and BBL in early October . I am worried that my Iron levels are low ..they are 12.0 ..However my doctor... READ MORE

Will getting my menses (period) before surgery affect my lab results?

I'm scheduled for surgery in about a week. How will this affect my labs, my plactic sx? What can I do to ensure this will not cause postponement of my... READ MORE

My iron level is a 10.5. How can I boost it before my abdominoplasty?

How can I boost my iron to a 12 for my abdominal Plast in 3o days READ MORE

Blood work and tummy tuck?

I had CBC and all looked well but dr said my iron was a little low 11.5 and my platelets were a bit high 480.000 should I postpone tummy tuck or am I... READ MORE

What should my iron levels be to proceed with a tummy tuck w/ breast lift surgery?

My pre-op iron levels were a little low and my general practitioner considered me anemic. I've taken iron supplements for two weeks with little change... READ MORE

It's normal to feel scared and nervous before TT AND LIPO surgery?

I went to my general doctor and I had some analysis done few weeks ago and everything came out good, just a little anemia and he prescribe some Iron... READ MORE

My HGB was 8.4 on Monday 4/27. I started 250 ml of venofer daily on Monday and will continue getting them through Sunday 5/3

What is the probability that I will reach 12 by Sunday as my surgery is scheduled for 5/5 and I fly out to DR on Monday 5/4? On 4/17 my hgb was 7.6... READ MORE

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