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Constant Gas in the Abdominal Area 6 Months Post-op Tummy Tuck - Normal?

I'm 31yrs old, 4ft 11in and weigh 145lbs. 6mths ago I had a full tt with no lipo and weighed 155lbs. For a couple of months now, I've been... READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck. Fullness, Bloated and Gassy. And, my PS Charging Additional Fee to Correct His Mistake?

Hello, I am just a month shy from a year since my full tummy tuck. Lately, ive been having bloated, fullness and very gassy, days before my period and... READ MORE

Pain, Noise & Movement After an Abdominoplasty & Umbilical Hernia Repair?

1.5 weeks post abdominoplasty & umbilical hernia repair (lysis of intra-abdominal adhesions, repair of multiple recurrent abdominal incisional... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of the Gas?

I am two weeks PO from a tt I feel great in the morning as on I start to feel pain and very.very gases I could hear hear the gas in my... READ MORE

10 year post op of Tummy Tuck, I have problem breathing and have gas like never before. Is this normal?

10year tummy tuck...I feel my breathing is like disscibed early I cant sing to sentence of a song ...I feel so tight and breathless. this normal READ MORE

I Feel Terrible Weakness, Gas Forming, and Giddiness After Tummy Tuck, Is This Normal?

I Underwent Abdominoplasty and  Ventral Hernia Last 18th July 2013. READ MORE

Is Gas-x ok to take after a TT?

My sister is 3 days post op and still hasn't had a bowel movement. We have tried a laxative and stool softener. What is the next best option? She also... READ MORE

Normal to have bad gas pain 7 days PO after TT, BL, Lipo?

Still on Percocet, have had a BM, eating clean small amounts READ MORE

A Ton of Gas and Bloating! Is this normal? (photos)

I am 5 weeks po (Full TT w/ Muscle Repair, Lipo of ABD/waist/flanks, Dorsal Roll,and right Outer Thigh. Im having a ton of gas and bloating that is... READ MORE

3 days post full TT with muscle repair. Is gas and bloating going to undo everything that's been done?

I am 3 days post-op with a full TT with muscle repair. I still don't have an appetite but I have to eat saltines or pretzles with my Pain pills and... READ MORE

Would a Tummy tuck help my gassy belly? (photos)

For almost 10 years, I have been struggling with a gastro issue that does not respond to medication or a healthy/restricted diet. I often blow up like... READ MORE

Having really painful gas pains after tummy tuck

I had my tt on Monday and the last few days I'm so bloated and having bad gas pains that I cannot expell. Gas-x hasn't helped. I cannot sleep or eat... READ MORE

Continued abdominal pain post tummy tuck and full hysterectomy.

I'm beginning week 5 post-op: TT, full hysterectomy and liposuction on Bra line. Week three I developed an infection near a drain site. The infection... READ MORE

Feeling bloated and gassy after tummy tuck. (photos)

Hi I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair on September 7 2016 I will be 2 weeks post op September 21 2016 and I feel extremely bloated and gasy ! I... READ MORE

Could internal sutures from a TT be causing a pulling discomfort 2 yrs after surgery?

Due to being fairly "tight", the surgeon made a vertical external incision, which is exactly where the internal pulling sensation is. That area has... READ MORE

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