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Bromeline and Arnica Montana

Bromeline and Arnica Montana what is the recomended dosage prior to BA and Tummy Tuck surgery? ( will talk to my PS of course!) I just see many people... READ MORE

Bromelain and Amica long term to combat "swell hell"?

Any of you vets out there...did you continue taking Bromelain and Amica throughout the 3-6 month period to combat "swell hell"? My thinking... READ MORE

Bromelain Before Tummy Tuck - Is It a Blood Thinner?

I am curious if it is safe to take Bromelain (500mg) a few days before abdominoplasty and then after. Some people have posted it is a blood thinner... READ MORE

Arnica vs Bromelain?

Which one of these are the better of the two? Or are they something that do completely different things? READ MORE

I'm having an extended Tummy Tuck. What is the difference between Bromelain vs Furosimide and Sprionolactone?

I am having an extended TT. I notice that many take Bromelain for swelling after a TT. I currently take 40mg of Furosimide every morning and 100mgs of... READ MORE

Is this normal swelling after tummy tuck? Normal fluid, seroma, or hematoma? (photos)

I will see my doc next week. Was wondering why I have looked pregnant since the surgery. I thought at first it was normal but I thought now it would... READ MORE

Full TT, lipo on hips and thighs. Not much swelling or pain on day two post op. Is there a catch?

I seem to be doing really well. I have a well known surgeon. I have stayed elevated, but made frequent trips to the bathroom, etc. I take arnica,... READ MORE

Elevated heart rate - My heart rate is at 80 resting. I had tummy tuck surgery Thursday morning.

I'm taking oxycodone and another medication for muscle spasms along with antibiotics, Bromelain and Arnica. Not all at once just when I'm supposed to.... READ MORE

Is it safe to take these pills and supplements before abdominoplasty, panniculectomy and lipo of the back and flanks?

I wanted to know if the following were safe to take to pre-surgery to help my body prepare for the surgery arnica montana pills bromelain 1000mg... READ MORE

Does arnica and Bromlein work well for swelling and bruising after a Tummy tuck?

Having a lipoabdominoplasty and see mixed answers on those two natural substances. Wondering if I should use for my surgery in May. Also getting... READ MORE

Best Brand of Medication to buy?

I am having a full tummy tuck with 2 areas of liposuction done. The doctor recommends I buy Bromalain 400 mg and Arnica Montana to use after surgery.... READ MORE

Bromelain and Arnica pellets. When should I start this regimen in relation to my surgery?

I've heard great things about Bromelain and arnica and I've already ordered them both on Amazon. When should I start this regimen in regards to my... READ MORE

I am 6 days post-op tummy tuck, lipo on legs, flanks and abdominal hernia repair. My legs are so swollen and bruised?

Tummy tuck/Liposuction Swelling , has anyone used natrual supplement Bromelain and Arnica? I also seem to be getting goosebumps and chills has anyone... READ MORE

Best way to heal necrotic open wound from tummy tuck? When to remove scab? 2 months post-op.

It's shrinking finally but I'm 8 weeks post op and it's still 4x2.5 inches. Any suggestions on quicker healing? I'm taking bromelain and thinking to... READ MORE

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