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How Often to Change Bandages After Tummy Tuck w/ Lipo?

I just had a full tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks, hips, medial thigh and knees. I have a lot of banaging under my compression garment and was... READ MORE

I'm 10 Days Post Op, How Soon Could I Start to Wear Scar Away on my Scar? Have Had Nonthing on the S

Scar since bandage came off day 6. Been rubbing aquaphor on the binders so its not covered. my dr. does not believe in binders, And when... READ MORE

5 days after my tummy tuck and I feel so bloated. Is this normal?

When will the bloating go away... Will my stomach be even flatter after the swelling. I believe I was in shock when my doctor removed my bandages and... READ MORE

I would like to know how many days after surgery should I start using Mederma and silicone scar bandages?

I'm really worried about the scar and I want mine to heal really well! Are those things considered effective and widely recommended? READ MORE

My tummy tuck incision edges are not well approximated with yellowish areas, Can you advise me? (Photo)

About 6 inches in the middle of my tummy tuck incision is not well approximated and has white areas in between? I had surgery on March 5 and have had... READ MORE

Skin under incision post TT looks green in some areas. Is this normal?

I am 11 days post tummy tuck. All of my incision has healed except above the pelvic area there is puss no fever and the skin is tender I think i... READ MORE

Is Duoderm or another brand of "hydrocolloid" bandage a good choice to put on a Tummy Tuck scar after surgery?

I have keloid skin, and I am getting a tummy tuck in June. I am terrified that after sx I will develop a keloid along my scar. I have been doing... READ MORE

When does the bandage come off after a full TT?

I just had full TT the drain was taken out on 6th day it had 20cc of fluid in it . but intern didnt take bandage off so i cant bath yet either . when... READ MORE

Breast Support During Tummy Tuck?

I had a BA last year and current wear the shirts with the bra built in. I know you can't wear a bra during surgery, so what is being used after... READ MORE

How Early Can I Take off Bandages and Apply Scar Removal Strips?

If you would like to see pictures they are available in my profile. I am three weeks post op. I am healing good.My doctor told me I can remove all... READ MORE

Should the drain hole be covered?

I went first post op appointment today. He took all the bandages off and just put my wrap back on. My drain holes or where they are inserted is... READ MORE

TT wound and hydrocolloid dressings?

I am 3 weeks post TT and have some spots on the incision that are weeping clear yellow-reddish fluid. My PS has me covering them with non-stick gauze... READ MORE

Extended TT update. 3 1/2 weeks po. I have never smoked nor a diabetic. Do I need a second opinion? (Photo)

My ps does not want to do any debredemint. He wants me to give it time to heal and says everything will fall off on its own. I have been on... READ MORE

Tummy tuck. There is something in my belly button. Am I supposed to take it out? (Photo)

I am 2 week post office tummy tuck and liposuction. My surgeon said that I can take off the bandage off my belly button now. I did this but there is... READ MORE

Did I ruin my tummy tuck?

It's been 3 weeks since my TT... And I feel like it's getting worst. It's still leaking fluid and taking long to heal. I took a picture Friday....... READ MORE

Drain still in 7 weeks post op. Any suggestions?

I am 7 weeks post op abdominoplasty and still have 1 drain in. My first drain was removed at 17 days but this drain still is putting out 70-80 cc's... READ MORE

About my Bellybutton - I am 5 weeks post tt and lipo. (photos)

A week ago after eating more then I usually do I felt very bloated and my stomach was quite distended. When I came home and looked at my belly button... READ MORE

Tummy tuck gone wrong or is it too soon? (Photo)

Hi I recently had a tummy tuck on 7/11/17 and the next day once the nurse took the bandaging off to Eloisa me shower and put my girdle on I got to... READ MORE

Will the depression in my skin likely fill in, or will I need a revision? (Photo)

In March of 2016 i had a lipoabdominoplasty. The healing process resulted in a large area of necrosis and a wound opening that took approximately 4... READ MORE

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