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Failed Tummy Tuck Or Adhesions?

I asked a question yesterday about a possible failed abdominoplasty, but I didn't give enough info. I am 10 years post-op from DS GBS. My weight... READ MORE

What causes adhesions after full tummy tuck and muscle repair?

I had a full tummy tuck 18 months ago with full muscle repair, I have a small vertical incision. all went will with 1 drained seroma. I am currently... READ MORE

Can a tummy tuck cause intestinal adhesions?

I asked my doctor if the TT could cause abdominal adhesions since I now can't go to the bathroom (they found a new "kink" in my colon) and the center... READ MORE

Adhesion of the skin to the abodominal muscle after tummy tuck?

I had a tummy tuck 7 months ago shich ended with an adhesion of the skin to the muscle in the are between the Belly botton and the scar. It causes a... READ MORE

Can adhesions be seen on a ct scan? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck 18 months ago with Seroma, and non healing wound on lower abdomen that required 2 debriedment surgeries and a wound vac. After that... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck for an Obese Person W/hx of Multiple Abdominal Surgeries?

 a tummy tuck for an obese person w/multiple abdominal surgeries - do you mean that the lopsided belly is caused by a weakened abdominal wall due... READ MORE

What, if anything, can be done with post surgery scaring and loose flesh? (Photo)

Two years ago I had surgery for cecal vulvulus. Several months later I had second surgery for adhesions. I am left with a vertical 5 inch scar... READ MORE

Tummy tuck skin adhesion? (Photo)

I am 7 months post tummy tuck. There is a skin to fascia adhesion next to my belly button from an incision that healed there. It now creates a... READ MORE

Can Scar Adhesion Cause Wrinkle on Y Belly After a Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck 11 months ago, and I noticed the wrinkle at around 8 months, my surgeon told me that it will go away with massage, but after 3... READ MORE

Tummy tuck, tight stomach; what's going on?

I am 3 months and 11 days post op, my stomach feels tight after sitting for awhile and when I wake up in the morning. What's going on??? I heard... READ MORE

8 weeks post op and surgeon says no adhesion or healing at all in my abdomen. What should I do? (photos)

Board certified PS did ftt/liposuction. I had large varicose veins with excessive bleeding and draining. Drains out at 2 wks-large openings occurred... READ MORE

Will abdominal adhesions from previous surgeries complicate tummy tuck?

I have adhesions from 3 previous abdominal surgeries. Will this complicate or prevent me from getting a tummy tuck? The second surgery resulted in a... READ MORE

Will wearing a corset now affect a future tummy tuck operation? (Photo)

I am a 60 yr old woman s/p extended R colectomy for cecal volvulus. I had a second emergency surgery for adhesions . Because of the ugly scar from the... READ MORE

Having stomach surgery - will a plastic surgeon do a tummy tuck at the same time ?

I have had multiple surgeries in the last two years and have another one coming up to removing adhesions from my stomach. Would if be possible to have... READ MORE

Scar tissue and abdominal adhesions. Any suggestions?

Had tummy tuck with muscle tightening 7 months ago and have two tender points on left side of abdomen which when triggered seem to join up and be sore... READ MORE

Quilting suture still visible after almost a month. (photos)

Hi ! I had a tummy tuck 25 days ago and I have a problem. My surgeon says she has never seen that before: I have a kind of hole in my belly because... READ MORE

Can I have a Tummy tuck on March 15, 2016 after lysis of adhesions on Jan 4, 2016?

I had a small bowel obstruction caused by adhesions. No bowel was resected. I have a 3 inch abdominal scar which has healed really well. I was... READ MORE

What happens during a full TT if I have adhesions from old C-section?

Healthy, age 50, 5' 6", 128#. Had C-section 1997. Hoping TT will remove excess fat & improve muscle strength. I think I may have adhesions as I... READ MORE

Can someone give me some advice on healing, swelling and seprafilm. I am having surgery on 6/8/15.

I've had an appendectomy, hysterectomy (both in 2006) and an oophorectomy in 2013. My last surgery was the oophorectomy in which the adhesions and... READ MORE

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