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Is It Too Late to Massage Scar Tissue to Break It Up After a TT?

Hello, I had a full TT with lipo done about 1 yr and a half ago. I still have some hard tissue underneath my lower abs around the incision are. All... READ MORE

Charlie Horse like pain on my right lower abdomen.

18 mo post TT. If I stretch or sneeze sometimes I can get a excruciating pain on my right side that brings me to my knees. Feels like a Charlie horse.... READ MORE

Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck vs Abdominoplasty? (photo)

I am 17 months post-op from RNY. I've lost 115 lbs and have a lot of excess skin. I have had 2 consults by different plastic surgeons. One recommends... READ MORE

Mysterious Abdominal Distention After Abdominoplasty, What's Going On? (photo)

I had abdominoplasty/double hernia repair 16 months ago. Shortly after, I noticed severe abdominal distention. I look at least 6 months pregnant at... READ MORE

Why Severe Bloating and Pain 11/2 Years After Abdominal Surgery?

I had a tummy tuck 11/2 years ago and now am having severe bloating. The mornning feels fine but by the evening it is so bloated that it hurts to... READ MORE

16 Months After TT, Lipo, and BA, Still in Pain, and Results are Lumpy and Uneven, Revision Options? (photo)

Fall 2010 Implants, liposuction, tummy tuck, repaired gallbladder scar. Horrible pain numbness, ripping, burning feeling. Body lumpy, very uneven... READ MORE

TT 3/11, Followed By a Large Seroma. When Will My Abdomen Feel Normal? (photo)

Tummy tuck March 2011. Followed by a large seroma, numerous visits for draining and a scar revision/dog ear Oct 2011. When will my abdomen feel normal... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have No Bruising What So Ever After Lipo? Worried my Results Won't Be As Good.

I had full tt Lipo to the rib area abd sides is it normal to have no bruising I'm 18 post op results so far are great but wandered y other people Loki... READ MORE

Still Having Extreme Tightness in Lower Abdomen and Loose Feeling in Upper Stomach 18mos After T/t. What Could This Be?

My initial t/t was to supposed to repair an upper muscle separation but came out feeling extreme tightness in lower abdomen and still hernia... READ MORE

Why is my upper stomach sticking out after a full Tummy Tuck? It's has been 18 months and I look 7 months pregnant.

My dtr says that I would have to exercise to get rid of the upper part and I do as well as eat right- but it doesn't go away- I am tired of the... READ MORE

18 Months Post Op. Will Incision Continue to Fade? (photo)

I had my TT 18 months ago by a board certified plastic surgeon. I'm not happy with the location of the scar. But I wanted optimal stretch mark removal... READ MORE

17 Months Post Tummy Tuck W/ Muscle Repair. Extra Skin or Fat on Obliques? (Photos)

At my 12 month check up, I brought up concern about the rolls on my hips. My surgeon said it was loose skin and there wasn't anything more that could... READ MORE

Was an umbilical float the wrong procedure for me? (photos)

Originally I was scheduled to get a full tummy tuck with a small vertical scar. The morning of surgery my surgeon suggested an umbilical float instead... READ MORE

I Am Having Problems After my Tummy Tuck. Should I Go to PS or my Primary Physician?

18 mos after my tt I cannot walk briskly, lift anything, run, play with my kids or workout. I cant even sit up unassisted. When I cough it still feels... READ MORE

Post Tummy Tuck Reactions to Suture Material?

I am 16 mo post TT and have multiple hard lumps (checked for seratomas or hematomas and they were neither) down my mid-line from diaphragm to pubis.... READ MORE

18 months Post TT, Unhappy With My Results?

I had a tummy tuck March 2011. In the beginning, I thought it was going to look okay. I was told over and over to "give it time". It has now been 18... READ MORE

After a Tummy Tuck, is It Normal to Have a Small Numbness Pouch Below Your Belly Button?

I had a tummy tuck 17 months ago. I am still experiencing numbness right below my belly button. But know I have this little pouch that is numb. I am... READ MORE

What can be done to improve the step off appearance? Would like a smooth transition. Do I need another TT? (Photo)

I had a full tt with muscle repair and liposuction 1 yr and a half ago. Scar excision 6 months ago. For the scar revision, I believe he went in and... READ MORE

17 Months Ago Had Abdomonoplasty and Still Have Swelling at End of Day Below B B

It usually swells approx one to one and 1/2 inches during the day. if this is caused from fluid is there a remedy? READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: 16 months post op, dog ears!! (photo)

I was told once the swelling subsided the dog ears would diminish but, here I am 16 mons PO and these awful dog ears are still very much present. What... READ MORE

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