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How Long Should Surgical Tape Stay on Incision After a Full Tummy Tuck?

I am 9days out of a full tummy tuck and just curious if I should just leave the surgical tape on and let it fall off on its own or peel it off after a... READ MORE

Bleeding Incision After Tummy Tuck

It's been about 10 days since my Tummy Tuck and I haven't had any issues that haven't been answered except that I was using a back brace since my back... READ MORE

Alcohol After a Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck about 9 days ago and it wasn't in my plans to go out and have couple mixed drinks. I am very concerned that this will interfere... READ MORE

Can the Tightened Muscles of a Tummy Tuck Come Loose?

I was wondering if the muscles that are tightened in the abdomen can come loose? And if so what would it feel like? I had my tummy tuck 10 days ago... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction from Surgical Glue?

I am a 42 years old female. I had a tummy tuck 8days ago and I have a severe allergic reaction from the surgical glue. My surgeon put me on steroid... READ MORE

Leaking from Tummy Tuck Scar?

I had my tummy tuck 10 days ago & my doctor removed the drainage the day after surgery, he kept the scar covered for 1week then cleaned it with... READ MORE

Had a TT 10 Days Ago and Still Draining Dark Red in my Drain, Should I Worry?

FULL TT without muscle tightening or liposuction 10 days ago and my drain is still draining dark red blood where 99% of the time I have to strip the... READ MORE

Wife Had Tummy Tuck 9 Days Ago; Has Been Drinking Bottle of Wine/night Since Day 5. Is This Bad?

My wife had tummy tuck 9 days ago and has been drinking bottle of wine/night since day 5 after the surgery. She still has a drain in. Is this bad? I... READ MORE

Tummy Feels Soft and Not Tight After Tummy Tuck

I had a Tummy Tuck 9 days ago and my tummy is not very tight. It looks flatter (there is some swelling) but it feels soft. Is that normal? READ MORE

I Have an Uneven Waistline After my Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I am 9 days post op, ( and I realize that this is early) but each day that goes by I see a pronounced difference between the left and right side of my... READ MORE

Why Am I Still Swollen and Look Like I Have a Big Belly Still After 10 Days PO? (photo)

52 years old, had a tt with mr, and some lipo on my hips. I am still very swollen, and I see women on this site, 3 days PO, and they don't look like I... READ MORE

Not Able to Stand Upright Post Tummy Tuck?

I am 10 days post abdominoplasty and liposuction of the thighs and I still can not stand upright. Is this normal? READ MORE

Crease/Indentation (Resembles a Butt-crack) Below the Belly Button After Full Tummy Tuck; 9 Days Post-op? (photo)

Hello, I'm growing concerned about the deep crease underneath my belly button as a result of my tummy tuck. It has been there since the day of surgery... READ MORE

Why is my Skin Changing Color 9 Days After Tummy Tuck and Lipo? Should I Worry? (photo)

I'm 9 days post op from full tummy tuck and tummy lipo. This morning I noticed that from mons to under navel, my skin looks brownish blue. No pain... READ MORE

Will the ripples at my Tummy Tuck scar smooth out? (photos)

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair 10 days ago and I am horrified at what I see. I have so much wrinkling going on at the incision and I'm... READ MORE

8 weeks post op, Marathon Training After Tummy Tuck?

I am 8 weeks post-op Abdominoplasty, and want to start running my usual 40+ miles a week for my marathon training. Will I hurt any of my results, pull... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Incision-is This Normal? (photo)

I had a TT 10 days ago, and my incision doesn't look right. Is it normal to have the top of the incision flap over the bottom? I pictured it to look... READ MORE

Will Wearing a Compression Garment 9 Days After Surgery Hurt Your Incision? (photo)

My ps said not to wear a compression garment because the incision is so fresh by wearing the compression garment blood wont flow to the incision.9... READ MORE

Necrosis in Healthy 27 Year Old Tummy Tuck Patient?

I'm 27, a non smoker, not diabetic, with a c section.I had a full TT 11 days ago.Immediately afterwards I noticed what looked like a small blister on... READ MORE

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