4 Months Post-op + Tummy Tuck Revision

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Need Feedback if I Need Full Revision or Just Lypo and Dog Ears Fixed?

I had full tummy tuck 4 months ago and am not happy with results. I feel like skin is too loose on the sides of abdomin and also I have dog ears on... READ MORE

Flabby Tummy After Full Tummy Tuck With Lipo, Do I Need a Revision?

I've always had stretch mRks on my stomach n i have no kids...i had a full tt w/ lipo 4 mos ago and i think im getting new stretch marks bcuz its very... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Revision For These Results? (photo)

I am 4 mo post op and I am embarrased to tell anybody I had a tummy tuck/lipo/mr. My pictures tell the story. I saw my PS and he said it's not... READ MORE

Upper Ab Fat

I am 18 weeks out from my TT and lipo. It is obvious, now that most of the swelling has subsided, that left behind on the upper abs is a fat deposit.... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck 4 Months Ago? (photo)

I went into kidney failure that night as I had an internal bleed and lost 2 litres of blood which resulted in another operation. A week later I was... READ MORE

Should I Have Better Results After a Tt (Jul-12) and a Revision (May-13)? My PS Told Me I Would Be 'Flat'? (photo)

I have my tt with lipo in July 2012. I had a very large seroma (850ml) and we aspirated 4 times over a 5 month period before it finally went away. By... READ MORE

Will Liposuction in the Upper Ab Mess Up my Results?

I had a tummy tuck 3 and 1/2 months ago. Thre is one area in the upper ab that appears to be a seroma pocket or extra fat. It is more noticeable after... READ MORE

Can a Tummy Tuck revision be performed at my doctor's office?

My PS has indicated that it is safe but he is the same doctor that initially said all look great and at only 4 months post op he is suggesting a... READ MORE

4 months post-op. Is there still any hope that my tummy tuck revision scar will lower? (photo)

Unhappy with how high my scar is. Hard to hide under any low cut bikini which was a number one concerned for me, I also discussed this with my dr... READ MORE

Can I get a tummy tuck revision, belly button with lipo to back, sides & arms with fat transfer to hips at the same time?(photo)

I had a tt 4 months ago. I'm not happy with the results. I want a revision for tummy tuck and belly button I am also wanting lipo to full back, sides... READ MORE

Still swollen and no results 14 weeks post-op tummy tuck and hernia repair. Will I need a second tummy tuck or lipo? (Photo)

Hi. I had my tummy tuck w/ umbilical hernia repair on April 7. I am now 14 wks post op as of tomorrow and I'm still swollen and tight. I'm still using... READ MORE

I am 4 months post op tummy tuck and not really pleased with results. (photos)

Am I overthinking this or being impatient. Just not seeing the results I expected.I am not totally disappointed but I paid alot and don't feel I got... READ MORE

The bulging is back again after tummy tuck revision. What kind of surgery will correct this once and for all? (photo)

I have had a lipotuck in May 2016 and a revision with mesh inserted in Oct 2016 for continued laxity of the muscles and bulging.  READ MORE

Multiple muscle repairs coming undone and lots of fluid build up from current surgery, how prevent MR coming undone. (photos)

I had my TT MR HR on11\30\15 no Lipo. All went okay then had light Lipo in Feb & then by May my MR undone . had 2nd MR 6/16/16 I was FLAT then.... READ MORE

I want a revision TT at 4 months post op? (Photos)

I had a seroma at 3 weeks, which is now resolved. I am 3 months postop now and l have lower abdominal fat pooch. If my ps agrees to do a revision at... READ MORE

TT done 1/19/17 and my concern is how unnatural it is. Do I need a belly button revision? It literally looks like a hole (photo)

It's literally looks like a hole in my belly. If I put anything in it to help it not be so small the worse it looks. I was told to give it time, but I... READ MORE

What can be done to correct a crooked/asymmetric tummy tuck? (Photos)

I'm 4mo postop TT w/muscle repair & lipo to flanks. I first noticed my belly button was off center & I had no waist definition on the left. My... READ MORE

Bulge in upper abdomen 4.5 months after TT? (Photos)

I had a revision TT in December to correct a bulge in my upper abdomen. PS said he tightened all the way up the first time, but "tightened it more"... READ MORE

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