The Most-Talked About Tumescent Liposuction Transformations: 10 Before & Afters [PHOTOS]

10 before-and-after photos from RealSelfers who have tried tumescent liposuction.

There's little to love about love handles, which is why some RealSelfers turn to tumescent liposuction to get rid of them. Tumescent liposuction is a technique that is supposed to reduce bleeding during the procedure and have a faster recovery time by shrinking the fat through fluid. 

So, how do you choose which liposuction procedure is right for you? Take a look at the different transformations below (including normal lipo, Smart Lipo, and VASER lipo), along with a little update on their progress...

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AFatGirl: Mom of Two, Considered a Tummy Tuck Went With Lipo

"I have two children, stretch marks and just a gross fat belly. The recovery was not that bad, a bit uncomfortable but well worth it."

Catharine621: Bride-to-Be

"Overall, I feel like my shape is now more hourglass and less spare tire. I still have some major weight loss to go in my journey and my husband and I have been walking about an hour a day so we're on the right track :)"

April Nichole: 27-Year-Old Mom in South Carolina 

"I am about 3 months post op and I am feeling much better. No pain and i'm loving my new contour. I'm not totally flat yet but I am getting there. Since my surgery, I have went on to lose about 15 pounds so my self-confidence has really improved."

Yanya03: 21-Year-Old Midwesterner 

"Last night I got dressed up and went out with some friends it was Soo much fun and I wore a shirt that I bought so long ago and Never wore because I was too fat. It looked great on me! I got compliments on how great I was looking and how I really lost some weight! (They don't know) haha I loved every second of it. So Realselfers when you are feeling better put that shirt on that didnt fit before and go show it off!!!"

MommyBoeys: 36-Year-Old Fitness Instructor

"I absolutely love my results! Now I have to say, I went wheat free as of March 1st for fun and have decided to stick with it! It has made a huge difference in my energy levels and being BLOATED! My tummy and flank area are amazing! I do work out 5 days a week, ie a gym class, not crazy workouts but I do make sure I work out 5 days a week. I would do this again in a heartbeat!"

Lovefo: Philly Girl

"2 years later I still love my results!!!!!"

Crzydvl: 30-Something Former Military Woman 

"I'm happy with my stomach but I am a little bit self conscious about the scars. They're still a bit dark so I'm hoping the Maderma lightens them get back to a normal color. Up until last week, I was working out 4-6 days a week but work picked up so I've fallen off that band wagon. I plan on getting back into a routine starting after the Labor Day weekend. And I'll start a new food plan."

Spare Tire: 39-Year-Old Living in Virginia 

"I've never had a flat stomach.  Even when I was a kid I had this round little belly poking out from my shirts.  Through the years, no matter what size I was, my pouch was always there."

Lakergirl8087: Georgia Belle

"... I'm doing pretty good now, I must admit that it was alittle painful."

Mrsdaddymoe: 24-Year-Old Mom

"I decided to get lipo after I had my daughter in december of 2011. I have always had a big booty and little waist, even after my first child 5 years ago, but it seems like the old saying, "while pregnant with a girl, she takes all your good qualities and traits" has stood true for me. Don't get me wrong, I love my body, I just wanted to see my va-j-j and hourglass shape again."

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