Thigh Lift Videos

Thigh Lift: The Doctor Discusses Scars and Healing

Dr. Jack Peterson explains what to expect for scars after a thigh lift procedure. VIEW NOW

Inner Thigh Lift: What Is It and How Is the Surgery Performed? (GRAPHIC)

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen explains what the crescent inner medial thigh lift procedure is like and demonstrates it in the operating room. VIEW NOW

Thigh Lift: Who Is a Good Candidate for This Procedure?

Dr. Jack Peterson talks about the typical candidate for thigh lift surgery. VIEW NOW

Will a Lower Body Lift Slim the Inner-Thigh Area?

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses body lift surgery and whether this type of procedure will help with the inner thighs. VIEW NOW

Lower Body Lift: Is 1 Hour Enough Time in the Recovery Room?

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses whether an hour is enough recovery room time after surgery. VIEW NOW

Is It Safe to Ride a Roller Coasters 10 Weeks After My Body Lift?

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses the body lift surgery and riding roller coasters after this type of procedure. VIEW NOW

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How to Position Yourself After a Body Lift Procedure

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses how to position yourself comfortably after a 360 Body Lift procedure. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: InMode BodyTite Thigh Lift

Dr. Gilbert Lee demonstrates the InMode RFAL BodyTite procedure. The patient had significant skin laxity and sagging on the upper thighs. VIEW NOW

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Preparing for a BodyTite Thigh Lift (Pt. 2)

Dr. Gilbert Lee injects anesthesia prior to treating this patient with an incisionless thigh left with InMode RFAL and Fractora. VIEW NOW

Incisionless Thigh Lift With InMode

Dr. Gilbert Lee prepares to perform the InMode RFAL BodyTite procedure to the left thigh of this patient. VIEW NOW

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Preparing for a BodyTite Thigh Lift (Pt. 1)

Dr. Gilbert Lee explains how this woman exhibits no sagging skin on her thighs in a seated position. He prepares to treat this patient with InMode BodyTite to the left thigh. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Shares New Body Contouring Procedures

Dr. Thomas Fiala discusses new advances in body contouring procedures. VIEW NOW

Removing Excess Skin After Massive Weight Loss — Planning Your Surgeries

Dr. Christopher S. Jones explains surgeries to remove extra skin after weight loss, live from Vegas at VCS 2016. VIEW NOW

Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss

Dr. Ariel N. Rad lists what procedures he often performs to shape the bodies of individuals who have lost a great deal of weight, and that those are sometimes performed in stages. Recovery time is discussed. VIEW NOW

Body Contouring Options After Massive Weight Loss

Live from Vegas at VCS 2016, Dr. Anthony Tran answers questions about body contouring. VIEW NOW

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