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Thigh Lift Recovery and Downtime

How much downtime/time off work for a thigh reduction? READ MORE

Cellulitis After Thigh Lift/Lipo: Follow Up

I don't believe I worded my last question correctly. I did develop cellulitis and was put on stronger antibiotics two weeks ago which helped... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to Manage Steps After Thigh Lift?

I am having a bilateral thigh lift on 4th june, will spend one night in hospital then staying with daughter for a fortnight i'm just concerned... READ MORE

What is the best recovery position for medial thigh lift?

Should I recover in the prone or supine position from a medial thigh lift? What are the pros and cons of both? I'd like to combine it with a brazilian... READ MORE

How long is the recovery for a thigh lift? (Photo)

I'm considering adding a thigh lift to my list of procedures. How long is the recovery time generally? Is it a painful recovery? When can you start... READ MORE

How Long After a LBL, Spiral Thigh Lift, and Mini Tummy Tuck Should You Be Able to Bend Forward to Tie Your Shoes?

After a LBL, spiral thigh lift, and mini tummy tuck I still can't bend or ward to shave my legs, tie my shoes etc. READ MORE

Stitches after Thigh Lift (Photos)

I had Thigh Lift Plastic Surgery on Dec. 22 I feel some of the stitches are not cure (please consider pictures) My question is how long is the healing... READ MORE

Varicose Veins and Thigh Lift-What are the main recovery issues?

I need a thigh lift but have a number of varicose veins on the front of my thighs from having been morbidly obese and having had two full term... READ MORE

How long is thigh lift recovery?

I am an RN and work 12 hour shifts. I recently had a breast aug. and am considering a thigh lift. How long should I plan for time off before... READ MORE

What is the normal recovery time after thigh lift surgery?

Im looking to have thigh lift surgery in Philadelphia, PA READ MORE

How bad is recovery after full thigh lift and arm lift?

I want to know how bad is recovery after thigh arm lift.I will do both procedures at the same time,and my husband will be taking care of me.I'm afraid... READ MORE

Am I crazy? Medial thigh lift timeline and recovery question (Photos)

I'm looking to get a medial thought light mid November. I'm getting married end of February and have a bridal shower three weeks post op. My honeymoon... READ MORE

Medial thigh lift recovery.

What is the recovery for a medial thigh lift? is this a common procedure? READ MORE

Thigh lift with tummy tuck?

I lost a lot of weight post sleeve last year. Upper inner thigh is sagging and well my upper and lower abdomin. My Dr refused to do both together... READ MORE

Thigh lift recovery time?

Had a skin only tummy tuck done 8 weeks ago, now I'm Contemplating getting a thigh lift done. Wanted to know what the recovery time is like. Is it... READ MORE

What is the recovery time from a thigh lift and lower body lift? (back portion only)

I have previously done a tummy tuck and it took me a solid 3-4 weeks of recovery where I was able to walk at my usual pace, get dressed, stand up... READ MORE

Recovery from vertical and horizontal thigh lift?

Hi. I am a teacher assistant in a school. In September, I will be getting a thigh lift that will involve both vertical and horizontal incisions. Since... READ MORE

Incision for thigh lift too much in front of my legs, resulting in not getting the inner loose skin? (photos)

I had a thigh lift just done two days ago, and I am recovering really well..but my question is, why do I still have so much loose skin near my inner... READ MORE

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