2 Months Post-op + Thigh Lift

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7 weeks post op Thighplasty, will the color come back where the lighter scars are? (photos)

I'm 7 weeks post op and curious if this is normal healing after thighplasty surgery. Will the color come back where the lighter scars are? Was using... READ MORE

Medial Thigh Lift-2 months ago. Revision? Can it be fixed? What should I do? Can you recommend a PS? (Photo)

It has been over 2mths but 1 side is pblematic: The PS did not put the scar in the crease: It feels like my natural crease is gone and the one I have... READ MORE

Does one side of my medial thigh lift need to be revised? (Photo)

I had a lower body lift , medial thigh lift arm lift and breast augmentation on May 29 th, 7.5 weeks post op. The left thigh doesn't look symmetrical... READ MORE

How long will it take for a seroma to clear up 2 1/2 post op thighplasty?

I had a thighplasty and abdominoplasty about 2 1/2 months ago. I got a seroma in my right thigh. They drained in manually for about 10 days in a row... READ MORE

How long after a medial thigh and lower body lift is there swelling?

How long after a medial thigh lift is there swelling? I am 11 weeks post op and my thighs are still the same measurement as when I went in for surgery... READ MORE

How long should I wait to have thigh lift after thigh lipo?

2 months ago i had a full thigh and hips lipo, i did LPG and RD for skin tightening but no result my thighs looks horrible like im 100 years old, so... READ MORE

Bumps under incision after surgery

I had a thigh lift about 8 weeks ago. I have become aware of two firm bumps (approx. 1inchx1inch) under the incision area near the knee on one leg. I... READ MORE

Medical Thigh lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a medical thigh lift on 4/22/16(11 weeks) I still have loose skin in my inner thighs. Should I be concerned. My doctor stated it will look... READ MORE

What can cause hardness under a groin incision after a spiral thigh lift? (Photos)

Had a spiral thigh lift 9wks ago. No lipo. Drain removed at 4wks. Sutures removed at 6wks. Last week I noticed a lump causing pressure on my groin. PS... READ MORE

Eight Weeks PO. Still Can't Put on Socks, Cross Legs.is This Normal?

I had a lower body lift, spiral thigh lift, with lipo and fat grafting to buttocks 8 weeks ago and I still can't put on my socks and shoes or cross my... READ MORE

Can't Bend to Put on Shoes Etc is This Normal?

LBL, butt augmentation, spiral thigh lift, mini TT not able to bend forward to put on shoes, socks etc? I am 10 weeks PO and had open wounds in groin... READ MORE

What is causing pain and pulling 2 months after medial thigh lift? It feels like deep sutures are tearing

I had medial thigh lift surgery 2 months ago with incisions in the groin area. I healed without complication and the scars look fine, however there is... READ MORE

Is it normal to have persistent swelling after 8 weeks out of a medical thigh lift? There are no blood clots.

Had he ulta sound nor blood clots I still cant all or wear shoes my foot doubles in size by night fall I keep it elvated a mch as possible but i neve... READ MORE

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