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Is Thermage Safe?

Is Thermage safe? Is it a non-ionizing treatment, and if not, then isn't that harmful radiation? Also, is it safe to undergo Thermage every 6 months... READ MORE

Does Thermage Cause Facial Fat Loss?

I've read that Thermage causes facial fat to dissolve after treatment, such that there are patients who blogged online that they regret having had... READ MORE

Is It True That Thermage Can Cause Damage to Skin's Elastin Fibers?

I read that while Thermage can create new collagen, it actually damages Elastin so I'm wondering if this is actually true and if so, wouldn't... READ MORE

Recent Cases of Facial Fat Atrophy with Thermage?

I've heard that Thermage could cause fat atrophy but I've also heard that is something of the past (different tips, higher settings, less... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Breastfeed After Having Thermage?

I am 6 months post pregnancy and still breast feeding. I am having some liposuction done soon and wanted to get Thermage Laser skin tightening on my... READ MORE

Will Higher Thermage Levels Cause Problems?

My dermatologist uses the highest level on me during Thermage like she uses on a man, she says. She has the latest tip, but I would like to know if... READ MORE

Will Thermage "Melt" the Fat That Has Been Injected Under the Eye and Tighten the Skin?

I have had a fat injection under the eyes about 3 months ago and I have been back to consult my doctor as the fat has lumped. She recommended that I... READ MORE

Fat Atrophy Possible After Thermage on Thin Skin?

Remarks about fat atrophy frightened me a bit. I am 42 years old and my dermatologist told me that I have aged well with limited sagging. I have been... READ MORE

Why Are Doctor Opinions About Thermage So Divided?

I'm in a situation after botched buttock + hip Smartlipo and I'm looking for a non-surgical way of fixing my problem. Do u think Thermage could help... READ MORE

Is There Harm in Having Thermage Every 9 Months?

In your opinion, do you think that there is harm in having Thermage every 9 months? It works so well for me, but I wonder about the long term effects... READ MORE

Thermage ; Can the Radiofrequency Waves Cause Formation of Tumors?

Thermage ; Can the Radiofrequency Waves Cause Formation of Tumors? READ MORE

Is It Ok to Have Thermage Done if You Have a Pacemaker?

Are there any added risks for people with pacemakers? READ MORE

I Am Forty and Had Thermage Eye Done Yesterday. Protective Disks Were Not Inserted for Entire Procedure. What Are the Risks?

I had thermage eye done yesterday. My physician had a difficult time inserting the protective eye disks. She had to perform the proceedure with it... READ MORE

Is unwanted facial fat loss still a risk with the 3rd generation Thermage machine with CPT tips?

Some people have reported unsightly fat loss on their face, requiring correction with fillers, after using Thermage. My dr is suggesting I try the 3rd... READ MORE

If I stop using asprin and plavix for a week can I have thermage treatment withouth much risk or dangerous side affects?

I am 60 years old and after having angioplasty resulting with stenting for 3 times in the last ten years.I am using plavix and asprin daily (beside... READ MORE

Is there any risk of having facial fat melted off when you undergo thermage, or is the technology safe?

Or does it depend on the physician, meaning if the physician would make a mistake their is a chance of facial fat melting? Are there other chances of... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Thermage Done on the Face if I Have Gold Threads Implanted in my Cheeks

Is it safe to have thermage done on the face if I have gold threads(11 years ago) implanted in my cheeks? READ MORE

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