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Lip Augmentation Gone Wrong Because of Lip Sensitivity?

I hope somebody can help me and give me answers to a problem which has made me cry day after day. I had my lips done by a doctor around 3 months ago,... READ MORE

I Am Having Teostyal Rendensity 11 Injected into my Tear Troughs? (photo)

Im slighty scares to think id get a lump under my eye with this filler can you really resolve it if this hapoens . Is their a high risk of lumps... READ MORE

Using Teosyal Global Action for Lips Instead of Kiss?

I had my lips injected for the first time ever when I was in Bali using teosyal global action. I am fairly happy with the results although it has been... READ MORE

Whiteish lumps after lip fillers 3 days ago: will this go? (Photo)

I had lip fillers with teosyal kiss on Friday in my top lip so it was more symmetrical with the bottom lip as this was much bigger to start. I have... READ MORE

I have lumps after Teosyal Redensity II treatment. Is this normal? (photos)

2 days ago i had my Teosyal Redensity II treatment under my eye area done. Immediatly after the procedure i had smal lumps/bumps on the spots were i... READ MORE

Big lump in mouth after having Teosyal Kiss injected into lips? Is this normal? It's painful. (Photo)

I had Teosyal Kiss injected into my lips on Friday, so not been long. My bottom lip on the left is very swollen. On the inside is a lump, that formed... READ MORE

Is this filler above my lip? (photos)

I previously posted a question similar to this. I then had the lump of filler dissolved. I waited months and then had my lips done again (this time... READ MORE

I had Teosyal kiss lip injections 3 days ago. Right after procedure I feel comfortable no swelling and bruising. (Photo)

A day after procedure I noticed small lump on my upper lip. Also around the lump the skin is uneven and whitened , sagging. My dermatologist told me... READ MORE

I had 1ml of Teosyal Kiss injected into my lips 6 months ago and I have 2 pea sized lumps still in my top lip? Help (Photo)

The lumps have been there since I had the fillers done but are now only more noticeable as the fillers have de-solved but it's embarrassing and... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of the lumps on my cheeks caused by teolylsal redensity 2?

I was injected a month n half ago with teolylsal to cover up my cicatrix on my cheeks…but it has caused lumps all over my cheeks that look h... READ MORE

Is that normal to still feel pain after Teosyal?

It's been 24 hours since teoysal was injected in cheeks and there's two small lumps on cheeks, under eyes feel sore and it still hurts when I bend down. READ MORE

Hard lumps appeared after dermal filler 8 weeks ago?

I have had dermal teosyl injections in nasolabial folds and in corners of mouth to lift the corners but after 8 weeks i now have hard lumps and... READ MORE

I had a bad reaction to Teosyal. I would like to try them again. Any suggestions?

I have had teosyal many times but in one occasion I had severe reaction the filler migration and hard lumps 6 wks post op and had hudraulomaise to... READ MORE

Follow up/update to first question. What do I do if this bump doesn't even go down at all?

I got injected with Hyaluronidase to remove lump from upper lip from Teosyal Kiss. It's been 24 hours since being injected and the Hyaluronidase... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Teosyal lumps? (photos)

I've done my lips 3 times with teosyal. Two times full syringe and then a half in top lip. After I first had it done ,almost 2 years ago, I developed... READ MORE

Teosyal Kiss lumps will they go down? Not painful or hard but they make my lip look uneven; isn't very noticeable (Photos)

Can someone tell me will these lumps go down naturally? Teosyal kiss injected 1 week ago. soft lump under lip is making my filler look slightly uneven... READ MORE

Nervous of complications of Redensity to fill tear troughs. What are the chances of lumps and blindness? (photos)

I am currently booked to fill my tear troughs. I am very nervous and scared from of the possible complications. What are the chances it goes wrong.... READ MORE

A week after .3 ml of Teosyal injections, I noticed two round, hard lumps on either side of my upper lip. Any suggestions?

The nurse told me that it's usually a sign that I haven't been drinking enough water (they did tell me to drink more water than usual after my... READ MORE

I had lip fillers injected Friday with teosyal kiss - I have allowed time for the bruising and swelling to go.

I have allowed time for the bruising and swelling to go but there is a lump on my upper lip which is going ? I don't know if i want to keep the... READ MORE

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