Using Teosyal Global Action for Lips Instead of Kiss?

I had my lips injected for the first time ever when I was in Bali using teosyal global action. I am fairly happy with the results although it has been about two weeks now and I have noticed I have a few small nodules/lumps in my upper lip. I heard that is is common with teosyal. Is this because he used the global action instead of the teosyal kiss? Is it risky to have you lips injected later on with a different product (ex. restylane) when there is still lumpy teosyal in the lips?

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It is possible to use global in the lips.

It is possible to use global in the lips. Bumps can appear with any filler, they need to be massaged. If the bumps persist consider an enzyme to dissolve the product. I would recommend to remove the bumps of existing product before injecting a new product on top. 

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Granuloma, lumps in lips after dermal fillers

Thank you for you question.

Teosyal global is least cross-linked (less vicous) of Teosyal line dermal fillers for wrinkle and volume correction treatments(exception is Teosyal for mesotherapy). Both Teosyal kiss and Global are approximately of similar visco-elasticity but have different clinical application license.

Both are made of Hyaluronic acid and both can cause foreign reaction which might leave with lumpy appearance.

Ask your doctor to break it with hylase enzyme and maybe with steroid injections, massaging helps.

You can use Hylauronic acid based filler again.

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