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What is the Best Recommended Product for Using Trays for Teeth Whitening?

What is the Best Recommended Product for Using Trays for Teeth Whitening? READ MORE

My dentist gave me a tube of poladay CP 35% tooth whitening gel with my Invisalign trays. Is bleaching my teeth once a month OK?

My dentist said to use the gel as often as I see fit. My teeth are dramatically whiter for the first few days, then gradually lose their whiteness... READ MORE

24 Hours After Whitening, my Two Front Teeth Have Yellow Stains and Yellow Streaks. I Eat White Food Only?

I have completed 4 weeks of teeth whitening using take-home custom-made trays from my dentist. I used 10% and 16% carbamide ( mostly 10%, only used... READ MORE

Do Bleaching Trays Work?

I got my teeth bleached 2 weeks ago and barely received my bleaching trays. My teeth are no longer as white as they were when they were bleached and I... READ MORE

Can I bleach my teeth without using the trays, but using cheek retractor?

When i use the trays, sometimes the gel is touching my gums, causing irritation. i was wondering if i can follow the in-office teeth whitening, in... READ MORE

Which is the best tray material to use for teeth whitening?

Which is the best tray material to use for teeth whitening? Most whitening tray materials are thin and seem to fit fine. But, I have also heard some... READ MORE

Is it safe to use a whitening tray AFTER getting teeth bonded?

I had my front 2 teeth bonded about 3 weeks ago. I have a whitening tray with whitening gel that I use occasionally. It comes with a small LED light... READ MORE

Can I paint on teeth whitening instead rather than placing it in gum trays which have caused me burns?

After painting the teeth carefully I intend on putting the trays on so it covers the teeth and gums are not affected. Will this work? READ MORE

What are your thoughts on GLO Whitening Professional kit?

Yesterday, I asked my dentist about whitening trays or in office whitening. He only uses (sales) the GLO Professional whitening product. He said this... READ MORE

Kor whitening procedure; Is there a limit to how many kor sessions can be done?

My dentist originally told me that he would do as many treatments as necessary to get my teeth white with kor. I did 5 weeks with trays then an... READ MORE

How long after using the at-home touch up trays t after in-office Opalesence whitening should I avoid staining foods?

I had professional whitening done on my teeth on Saturday. My dentist told me to continue to bleach my teeth during the following week with the trays.... READ MORE

Will the whitening process be compromised on the areas that aren't covered by the trays?

I went today to pick up my teeth whitening trays. When I got home I realized the top tray doesn't fully cover the two front teeth by a significant... READ MORE

KOR Whitening Trays after composite bonding.

Hello, I'm planning to get my teeth whitening with KOR system. However, my concern is what if I decided to get some composite bonding for my two front... READ MORE

I used Philips night white. It burned my gums, they swelled 2.5 years ago. The swelling never went down. Why?

Have 16 crowns, 6 veneers; used Philips NiteWhite (22%) 1 time, 3 years ago (2014) (used several times previously w/ no prob,); trays removed next am,... READ MORE

Is there a method of cleaning the KOR whitening trays?

They are actually yellowing, particularly the back molars of my upper tray. I'd like to sanitize them as I've been using them for 4 weeks now. READ MORE

Why are the tips of my teeth whitening more than the rest? (photo)

I feel like I've spent so much money and time on my teeth but they never improve. I recently went to the dentist and got equipped with whitening trays... READ MORE

Should I get the gel tray for whitening before or after my root canal?

I want to whiten my teeth, but I need a root canal on my very last molar. I don't mind if that tooth is not as white as the rest as it isn't visible.... READ MORE

Kor Whitening - trays completely devoid of gel in morning.

Woke up after first night of bleaching with not a speck of gel in the trays or on my teeth. I assume that if my trays were totally empty in the... READ MORE

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