What is the Best Recommended Product for Using Trays for Teeth Whitening?

What is the Best Recommended Product for Using Trays for Teeth Whitening?

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No One Best Tooth Whitening System

This is a question that I'm asked all the time, but for take home tooth whitening, there really is no one best system. All take home tooth whitening systems have basically similar active ingredients (often carbamide peroxide) with the differences being flavorings, thickeners, etc. As far as trays go, you want ones custom made for you by your dentist, not generic ones you can get at a drug store. With higher concentrations of the active ingredient there does seem to be more sensitivity, this is the main side effect of whitening.

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10% Carbamide peroxide in a thick gel is best for Tray teeth whitening

There are several brands that make whitening gels for trays. They are all effective. The ingredient with the longest track record  is Carbamide peroxide. It comes in 5%, 10%, 15% and even 35%. The higher the percentage the faster the teeth whiten but the more sensitivity can develop. 35% is designed to be used for 30min a day. Whereas the lower percentages are designed to be used overnight or for a few hours per day.

I have been using the Ultradent product called Opalescence since it was introduced to me in dental school 11 years ago. It has a thickening ingredient which really keeps the gel in the trays without running everywhere. I find it to be very effective and userfriendly. You can counteract the temporary sensitivity by using a concentrated fluoride gel such as Gel-Kam or prevident in the trays for 5 min after you rinse out the whitening gel.

Consult your dentist to see if you are a candidate and for instructions.

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Best Tooth Whitening

The Best tooth whitening is the one that works for you.  Modern Dentistry allows Dentists many ways to whiten teeth.  The differences include: speed, cost, comfort, fit, design, taste...  Your Dentist should be familiar with various systems and depending on your goals, should be able to find the right fit for you.  I would choose a professional Dentist prescribed system due to fit/safety/hygiene concerns, but other than that make sure your Dentist is aware of different options and chooses the bleaching system that works for you.  Good Luck.

Madeleinne Zapantis, DMD
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The Best Whitening Options and Product Recommendations

As you must gather, each of us has our favorite whitening products.  There are levels of whitening and each person has individual needs.  Kor Deep Bleaching is the best whitening product available but is not for eveyone.  It is a very detailed system and your dentist must know how to do it.  Custom trays work well with professional whitening gel-My favorite is Opalescence but try Liquid Smile if you only need touch ups.  Crest Whitening strips and Tres White by Opalescence are good for the younger set.  Much success- 

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
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Nite white or opalescense...

These are the two products I have used in my office for years and had a good result. Dont buy anything online or over the counter. Those products are not reliable..

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Best material for tray whitening

There is no best system for tray whitening.  Bleaching is time and dose dependent.  I get this question asked a lot from my patients.  All take home whitening have basically the same ingredient usually carbamide peroxide.  The higher the concentration , the more sensitivity may result.  Sensitivity is the main side effect of whitening. 

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Home teeth whitening system

Most take home teeth whitening gels have similar formula; however strength of the peroxide (actual whitening agent) may differ. Your dentist can help you find the best strength that may work with your teeth.

Hema Patel, DDS
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