Large Pores + TCA Peel

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Could a TCA Chemical Peel Cause Larger Pores?

I had a TCA peel 25%, done by myself. I applied 2 coats and didn't noticed any frosting, however I rinsed it and used a neutralizer formula (baking... READ MORE

Does a Strong TCA Peel Tighten the Skin at All?

Hello there! I'm 41 with very white thick skin (good tone, large pores though!). I do have nasolabial lines and very fine skin under my eyes (so I... READ MORE

Can TCA Peel Minimize Large Pores?

I'm 26 yrs old, female and i have large pores, a workmate of mine told me that TCA peel can minimize large pores.She told me, she used to have large... READ MORE

Can TCA Cross Be Used to Shrink Enlarged Pores?

I have a few randomly located enlarged pores on my face (one right above the eyebrow and one on my upper cheek about 1.5 inches below my eye), as well... READ MORE

TCA Chemical Peel for Enlarged Pores?

I'm an Afican-American with light brown skin, and I have enlarged deep pores on my face. Someone told me a TCA Chemical Peel would solve my problem.... READ MORE

Testing TCA Peel to Ensure Pore Size Results?

I want to have a TCA peel treatment for my hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores. However, I have heard conflicting information concerning its effect... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have TCA Peel After Vi Peel?

Need advice here! Had Vi peel 6-7 wks ago w/ little results. Pores/ice-pick scars bit smaller. Blemishes all back in 2-3 days & few small cysts... READ MORE

Advice on Using TCA Peel?

I went to a dermatologist because of acne issues, and was subscribed minocycline and retinol a but only the Minocycline was covered by insurance so I... READ MORE

How Do I Prepare Myself for my Very First Peel? I Ultimately Want to Do the TCA3%.

Hi, I'm a 24 year old Japanese living in South Africa. I have enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, some acne marks, some lines, and most of all sun... READ MORE

Had a tca peel. My brown spots got worse and bigger. My pores seem to be larger too. What can I do?

Had a 25 percent tca peel in a medi spa . My skin was burning after it was neutralized it swelled turned grayish brown and peeled . I follow the post... READ MORE

How can I improve mild acne scarring and enlarged pores? (Photo)

Im considering TCA peels and non ablative Fraxel. What would be the best? What kind of improvement should I get? READ MORE

Would a TCA peel get rid of the big pores on my nose? (Photo)

Hello Doctor, i have big pores on my nose and it's getting bigger and look like it's turning into scares, i don't have acne or pimples. I did had... READ MORE

Will TCA peel and/ or ablative Fraxel help with my large pores and acne scars? (Photo)

Specially which treatments (lasers/peels) can help erase these scars and pores. And approximately what would it cost? READ MORE

I have a lot of scars and big pores in my face; if I use TCA chemical peel it will be removed?

I m 28years old,, but altime m suffering with lots of acne on my face,, m using many products but no result READ MORE

What percentage of tca peel is needed to treat these kind of acne scar? What are the other treatments?

I have acne for 5 years and they left me scars with holes and red marks and large pores. What treatment can you suggest? Hopefully Not expensive READ MORE

Left with Orange Peel Texture Aftewr Serieis of Professional TCA Peels !5% - Help!

Had series of TCA peels done - 4 with plastic surgeon. Peels were TCA and was told to prep skin with retin a and discontinue retin a three days before... READ MORE

Larger Pores After TCA Peel 12.5%?

I did 12.5% TCA peel, after 1 week, nothing improved, then I do a 2 layers peel, it did peeled a bit but couldn't see much difference, after 10... READ MORE

I Had my First TCA Peel 18 Days Ago, and Skin Looks Worse?

I have followed the after care advise of my dermatologist but my skin looks considerably worse. I have new fine lines, my pores are bigger and texture... READ MORE

Why have my pores suddenly become noticeable after TCA peel? They appeared overnight

I had a TCA 20% peel and finished peeling Day 5 and, Day 8 used revisions brightening wash (has glycol and salicylic acid in it). Immediately pores... READ MORE

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