Darkening + TCA Peel

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After 30% TCA Peel, I Am Notcing Broken Capillaries. What Shoud I Do?

I performed a 30% TCA peel on a couple of acne scars. I was concerned that the skin was getting darker, but it seems that the skin was only getting... READ MORE

How to Prepare for 8% TCA Peel Treatment?

What kind of preparations do I need for an 8% TCA peel and can I spot treat a few places around my mouth with it? Also, I want to do a whole face feel... READ MORE

How Long to Peel on a 20% TCA Peel for the Eyes?

I had a 20% peel around my eyes, upper and lower lids and crows feet. A full 3 days after the peel, the skin around my eyes has become slightly darker... READ MORE

I had a TCA (25%) chemical peel done about a week ago, The skin peeled since. Is the darkness on my jawline normal? ((Photo)

Today when I looked in the mirror I noticed some darkness on my jawline area and on my neck where the chemical solution was also applied. I've been... READ MORE

I did TCA 35% peel on my hands for dark knuckles and keep it for 10 min but it ruined my hands. Advice? (photo)

I did tca 35% peel on my hands for dark knucles and keep it for 10 min and after peeling go in sun....and my color of finger gone chnged...then i... READ MORE

My TCA peel came back 3x darker, now should I perform it again or how do I get rid of it?

About 3 weeks ago i performed a TCA peel on my arm to test out first. Turns out that it made my skin 3x darker than it was before, this was just a... READ MORE

I did TCA chemical peel 20%, and now my face looks darker. Any suggestions?

I am light skinned African American I did a 20 percent tca peel at home it has been over a mth now my face looks darker from the peel what do I do ? READ MORE

TCA spot treatment went wrong? (Photo)

My 15% tca spot treatment. 3 weeks after and spots are still dark. Even darker than b4. What could went wrong? Should I do it again?? Now they even darker READ MORE

My skin became even darker after 25% TCA Peel.

I'm from Brazil and I have a fair skin tone. In Brazil I used to tan a lot, and as a result I have a lot sun spots on my face. In the past I have used... READ MORE

30% TCA, is this normal? (photos)

Hi, this is day 2 following a 30% TCA peel. About an hour after the peel was completed, my skin browned in this spot one left cheek. It has continued... READ MORE

TCA peel, can I do another one?

I did a 15% TCA Peel July 29th. I did what the instructions told me to do. I left it on for 4 mins I didn't experience much frosting, around my 4 min... READ MORE

Chemical Peel TCA

I got chemical peel yesterday for the first time. I'm 25, my skin is light and I had pigmentation on face before (red spots from acne). Today my skin... READ MORE

35% TCA peel 2 days by a dermatologist. Melasma looks to be even darker is this permanent or how it is supposed to look?(photos)

I had a 35% TCA peel 2 days ago performed by a cosmetic dermatologist. I had melasma pretty dark a few years back but with Obagi products and 1% retin... READ MORE

Would I have to prep my neck area for a 12.5 tca peel? For mainly hyperpigmentation and darkening of skin?

Just got my 12.5 tca peel and lm ready to start, but I don't know if i need to prep my neck area first. I've seen people talk about temporary... READ MORE

My Skin Turn Darker After TCA Peel! is This So Called ' Post Peel Hyperpigmentation'? Will It Fade Away?

I have started my birthmark removal treatment with CO2 medlite laser 3 months ago but the results is not significant. So,my doctor gave me a TCA peel... READ MORE

50% TCA darkened my chin mole, help?

I recently purchased 50% TCA to apply to two small moles on my chin, it did not hurt as much as I thought & I put neosporin on them after I applied.... READ MORE

30% Tca on Face Now Freakles Turned Darker and Brown?

I had a 30% TCA on my face 3 days ago. Immediately when I started it burnt and the frosted. However my freakles appeared more apparent than not doing... READ MORE

25% TCA peel on knuckles: after 5 days they where nice. After 3 weeks they went 10× darker. (Photos)

What can I do? please help. I have light skin but my knuckles elbows and knees are darker. I tried 25% tca peel to get them even. After 4 days my... READ MORE

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