1 Month Post-op + TCA Peel

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Hyperpigmentation 4 Weeks After a 25% TCA Peel, What Are my Options?

I'm 38 and have light skin. I was due to have 3 more peels but my doctor has advised no more peels! He thinks this is due to sun exposure, and not... READ MORE

TCA Peel - Why do I Have Facial Redness?

I have been performing at-home glycolic peels for 6 months now. Then used an at-home 12.5% TCA Peel, and a month later did a second peel, with 2... READ MORE

On December 2 I had a 35 percent TCA peel by plastic surgeon. Need advice 4 weeks post peel. (Photo)

I still have redness 4 weeks post peel in certain spots and uneven pink spots as well. I'm very worried. Firstly, will this redness fade and will... READ MORE

1 Month Post TCA 40% Peel on Face and Still a Little Swollen and Now I Am Getting Darker Around my Mouth and on Cheeks?

ONE MONTH ago I had a 40% TCA peel on face & 25% on neck & chest by board certified dermatologist. My face is still tight, pink, slightly... READ MORE

1 Month Post TCA Peel: Resulted in Scars on my Cheek

Can I Perform Another TCA Peel on Those Scars? READ MORE

I had a 100% TCA peel done. Small amounts were put directly on acne scars.

I had a 100% TCA peel done. Small amounts were put directly on acne scars. This was done about 5 weeks ago, and it still has not healed completely.... READ MORE

How Long Does PIH from a TCA 25% Peel Take to Fade on Pale Skin? (photo)

I gave myself a TCA 25% peel just over a month ago and now I have patches of tan skin on my back where I applied the peel. I have very pale skin... READ MORE

Had a tca peel. My brown spots got worse and bigger. My pores seem to be larger too. What can I do?

Had a 25 percent tca peel in a medi spa . My skin was burning after it was neutralized it swelled turned grayish brown and peeled . I follow the post... READ MORE

How to fix my skin from TCA peel gone wrong?

Today is Day 26 post 40% TCA peel, I'm afraid that my skin is damage and need help or advice on how I can correct this terrible mistake. I'm not sure... READ MORE

My skin has started peeling prematurely! What should I do? (Photo)

I did a TCA peel last month so I decided to do it again. I have not faced such complications the last time. Basically, this is the third day (I got my... READ MORE

PIH from TCA Peel, is It Permanent?

I performed a TCA 25% peel on my back about five weeks ago that resulted in brown PIH (I am fair skinned). I have been using meladerm twice a day for... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for a chemical burn? (Photo)

I recently got burned for a 20% tca on my chin area...it's more than a month now.....i did this to lighten my ice pick scars on my face...it didn't do... READ MORE

I have done a 35% TCA peel on 3 small spots of my face. Are these brown marks normal? Are they still healing?

Sir i have done a 35% tca peel on 3 small places on my face almost 1 month ago..everything gone good..no burning no extra redness and i peeled on the... READ MORE

Do I have hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation forming from 40% TCA peel gone wrong? Will there be scarring?

July 7 will make a month post peel and I'm afraid my skin will be permanently destroyed. I'm no stranger to chemical peels and been getting them for a... READ MORE

I have redness from a Prestige Peel done about a month ago. Will this go away?

This peel was done by a medical esthetician at a dermatologists office. It was supposed to help w/pigmentation issues & while it has on my... READ MORE

Skin Worse After Chemical Peel?

I got a medium TCA chemical peel a month ago. I now have hyperpigmentation forming and it seems to be getting worse. I still have red areas post peel.... READ MORE

TCA Peel 35% on Low Leads - Very Red Skin After 1 Month? (photo)

TCA Peel – 35% - on low leads done by plastic surgeon together with upper and low eyelids surgery. 10 days after peeling I used 1% cortisone cream a... READ MORE

20 days post op TCA peel, when will my skin have normal skin color? (photos)

I have done my TCA peel 20days back. its a small patch which my dermatologist tried. i have acne scars mark that runs very deep. the pigmentation mark... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation after TCA Peel 25% on elbows. Is this permanent or will it go away? (photo)

I did a 25% tca peel on my elbows. Applied 2-3 layers. It was done the 27th of Feb., peel the 6th of March and the 17th of March I started using a... READ MORE

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