TCA Peel - Why do I Have Facial Redness?

I have been performing at-home glycolic peels for 6 months now. Then used an at-home 12.5% TCA Peel, and a month later did a second peel, with 2 layers. My face peeled for almost a week. This was 5 weeks ago, and my face still has redness.

It isn't severe but I find myself using lots of concealer. Post-peel, I used SPF30 and moisturizer, I did not use anti-bacterial ointment as recommended since it would make my skin so oily under makeup. Why do I have redness? Can I resume TCA peels?

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TCA Peels at home?

TCA peels should NOT be done at home.  The Glycolic peels also should not be done at home.  With the Internet and patients looking for "deals", we see a ton more of bad side effects when these peels are used by untrained professionals.  There are many reasons for your persistent redness and I urge you to seek a board certified dermatologist to examine you and help you out ASAP.

Annapolis Dermatologist
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Redness after chemical peel

 Redness after a chemical peel is normal.  You have insulted and injured your skin and as a result it is trying to heal.  It usually takes a month to 9 months for the redness to disappear.  In the mean time, leave your skin alone and help it repair itself.  Avoid direct sunlight,  add baby oil (which will replenish the skin oils and remove and flakey skin.   You do not need further peels and please consult a trained professional i.e. dermatologist or plastic surgeon for follow up.

Gary H. Manchester, MD (retired)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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TCA peels for discolorations and fine wrinkles

TCA peels should only be performed by a physician in an office setting and not at home. Typically we use TCA in concentrations ranging from 20-35%. In those concentrations redness afterwards is not uncommon. It works excellent for discolorations on the face.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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