Burn + Tattoo Removal

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Lasting Redness After Laser Tattoo Removal

I fear that I have become severly burned by laser Tattoo removal. Where there was a giant blister there is now a lot of redness. When I press on it,... READ MORE

Burnt by laser Tattoo removal: Is this normal? (Photo)

Last year I started laser tattoo removal, was very painful and got burnt. The clinic said that it was normal to have alot of blisters after treatment.... READ MORE

Legal Options After Laser Tattoo Removal Burn

I have been going to a lady in hull for ages, she has been giving me laser tattooo removal. My skin never burnt after the treatment, she only went... READ MORE

Got Burned from Laser Tattoo Removal .. Did It Turn Into Keloid Scar?

In june i got 2 of my tattoos removed by laser and i got both of them burned. the one on my shoulder seems healing nice but as the time pass it grows... READ MORE

Will my Burn Marks From Laser Tattoo Removal Go Away?

I have had a single treatment then an r20treatment but this time i did a single treatment but this time the level was raised to 10 on the anstaza... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal No Blisters.. 5 Days & Counting

After the removal, felt a bit of "burn" so to speak for the following two-three days.. Till now.. No blisters.. So I highly doubt any scabs are going... READ MORE

Is It Possible, That Laser Used to Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Has Destroyed my Eyebrow Hairs Permanently?

The laser was Nd:YAG -laser. Treatment turned some of my hair white and some just burned off and I haven't seen them growing after that (the treatment... READ MORE

Tattoo/Scar Excision?

Greeting fellow earthlings! 5 years ago I went to a Med-Spa and got a horrible tattoo removal done. 2nd degree burns and massive burn scar contracture... READ MORE

Possible tattoo removal laser burn?

I've looked at hundreds of tattoo removal treatments and have never seen anything quite like this. As you can see a bit of it is normal but most is... READ MORE

Unusual response to laser tattoo removal - is it a burn? (Photo)

I had my 5th laser session with a Medlite C6. In previous sessions my skin reacted very well and I had no evidence of trauma. The 5th session used a... READ MORE

I'm looking at tattoo removal, the single pass laser is too costly and timely. Is the R20 laser a good option?

I have tried the single pass laser but after 4 treatments I still noticed little change in the appearance of the tattoos. Another clinic suggested the... READ MORE

Should cold packs before laser treatment (tattoo removal) burn the skin?

I've had 4 laser tattoo removal treatments. The last time I went, the cold packs were very cold and left on a long time (maybe 10 minutes). As a... READ MORE

Am I burnt from my tattoo removal session last night? (photos)

It was bleeding quite a lot last night and this morning the blisters appear to have blood inside them... It's my 6th session so I am quite used to the... READ MORE

A small burn mark on tattoo. How to remove the tattoo completely? Any possible way like cream, surgery etc? (Photo)

I have an old skin burn mark on a small tattoo.. on Right hand. ( want to remove it bcs it looks very odd on right hand ). Please suggest me any kind... READ MORE

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