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Would a Revlite Q Switch laser be able to remove a dark brown eyebrow tattoo?

Would a revlite q switch laser be able to remove a darkbrown eyebrow tattoo? i have heard some cosmetic tattoos may darken due to oxidization. If that... READ MORE

Experience removing brown ink tattoo

I've been searching online for a while for the best laser to remove a brown ink tattoo. I haven't had much luck. Has anyone had any experience with... READ MORE

Severely red and bloody after medlite laser on brow tattoos. Will this be permanent? (Photo)

I went to a highly renown clinic and the tech has had over 20 years experience. She's one of the best in her field. I've had tattoo removal before... READ MORE

What kind of laser should I be looking for in terms of laser tattoo removal? (photos)

I would like to know what sort of laser I should be looking for in my search for a laser technician/dermatologist. From what I can tell the Picosure... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove tattoo from eyebrows?

I did my tattoo the second time for cover up . My tattoo was dark brown and I cover it up with white ink and now I want to know if I can remove and... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove this pink and brown tattoo with picosure or any other tattoo removal method? (Photo)

I've had it for almost four years and I'm not happy with how it looks and no longer care for colored tattoos. I always feel as if it looks like my... READ MORE

Tattooed brown/red-ish eyebrows turned dark brown, the doctor is known to be good. He said to go back in six weeks. (photo)

Will I be able to get rid of this nightmare once and for all?. The doctor said he wasnt going to use picosure because it wont target red; he used a... READ MORE

What is the best laser/s to remove a blue/ brown tattoo?

This is a picture of my tattoo. I am only wanting the anchor removed as I regret it so much. I want to find where had the lasers to remove these colours READ MORE

Tattoo Faded to a Light Brown-red Colour After Laser Treatment? (photo)

Good Day Experts, I am a woman of colour that had an eyebrow tattoo done almost a year ago, earlier this year (March) I decided to have it removed.... READ MORE

Tried MedliteC6, Ink is Fading but Being Replaced by Redness/browning? (photo0

I had 7 sessions w/ the MedliteC6 for a small 1.5" outline tattoo (no shading). The ink was black & not mixed. I see fading, but everytime I got... READ MORE

How is Asclepion laser different from standard Q-switched lasers and picosure?

I need to decide on which clinic to go here soon enough and I have 3 to choose from. One has picosure, one has ND yag Q-switch and the third one has... READ MORE

How to remove brown ink tattoo?

Type 2 complexion, had brown eyebrow tattoo.. after doing q switch at 532 it has become blackish green.. what can be done? READ MORE

Brown pigmentation after tattoo laser treatment. Should I wait till it fades away completely or is it safe to continue?

Hi, I'm wondering if its alright for me to continue my laser treatment before the brown pigmentation (caused by laser) fades away? The light brown... READ MORE

Can light brown eyebrows tattoos be removal by laser ? (photos)

I want to remove my eyebrows tattoos , It's light brown.(red line that I show in the picture blow is tattoo) I afraid of losing my eyebrows hair and I... READ MORE

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