2 sessions done with a Q-switched ruby laser because black ink turned brown. Is hypopigmentation permanent? (photos)

My first laser session has been done with a Nd: yag-laser. As the black ink turned brown, my doctor used the ruby laser two times in order to remove the brown ink. Unfortunately I can already see some "ghosting" of my tattoo in the areas where the ink has already been removed. Is this a total loss of melanocytes? Is there a possibility that the skin will return to it's normal colour?

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Hypo pigmentation and it probably will return to normal

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I use a Q Ruby almost daily in my tattoo removal practice and notice this "ghosting" you are describing in even my lighter skin patients. What I normally do is give it a rest and hold off the next session for a few months. I space in lighter skin patients every 6 weeks so maybe I would tell this patient to return in 12 or 14 and to expose the area to a bit of sun.

The doctor may consider returning to the YAG . 

There was a study where the hypo pigmented areas were exposed to UVB light and the melanin returned.

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Hypopigmentation after Laser Tattoo removal

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Thanks for your question. Transient hypopigmentation in the course of laser tattoo removal can certainly occur and it is rarely permanent. Usually over the course of a couple of months, with a little bit of sun exposure (do not burn though!) the melanocytes in the area will recover and the skin returns to normal pigmentation.
Lisa Vuich, MD

Lisa Vuich, MD
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