Scar Tissue + Smart Lipo

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Will Lumpy Scar Tissue from Smart Lipo Ever Go Away?

I had smartlipo done on my abdomen and flanks 6 months ago. I wore my compression garment 24/7 for 2 1/2 months. I massaged every day and had 15... READ MORE

Swelling and Scar Tissue After Smart Lipo?

I had SmartLipo with suction over 8 months ago to my front and back thighs with only about 250CCs removed. I am petite, but wanted some refining on... READ MORE

Swelling Under Chin After Smart Lipo

I had Smart Lipo on my chin 4 weeks ago. 70 cc's of fat were removed. I now have a line of swelling under my chin where the fattest area used to be... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Vs. Tickle Lipo Vs. Traditional Lipo

Hello, I am an RN who has extra flank "tissue." I would like to do a treatment using local anesthesia and am very interested in 'Tickle Lipo'. There... READ MORE

Hardness After Smart Lipo, Is this Scar Tissue?

Normally how long it last? Is there a possibility of hardness or scar tissue to stay permanent? if it does what causes this and possible treatment? READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned About Old Scar Tissue from Previous Liposuction and Current Smart Lipo?

I had traditional lipo 6 mo ago and smart lipo two weeks ago on my abdomen area. I was not happy with the first results. I have many hard areas and I... READ MORE

Will scar tissue go away or is there a chance that It will be permanent?

I got smart lipo 5 weeks ago and am still experiencing a lot of pain and swelling. I know swelling and hardness is normal but the pain is too much. I... READ MORE

I Have a Shortness of Breath After Smartlipo Surgery. Why is This Happening?

I also have hard tissue along the stitch line. Its bulging . I have had a stress test and it came back normal. Im going to have a breathing test next.... READ MORE

After SmartLipo I Have Scars and See no Results, What Should I Do?

I am a female with light to medium tan skin, 135lbs/5'6, fairly active and in my mid to late 20s. I had smartlipo done last year in May 2010 on my... READ MORE

4 months post op Smart Lipo, a soft lump w/ scar tissue tethering inferior & right of the belly button. Is this normal? (photo)

I am a thin 43 year old woman being 5"4" and about 115lbs and mother of 4. This is my results at 4 months post smart lipo. I wore the garment and... READ MORE

How Long Befor I See Results from my Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo a little over 2 weeks ago to correct some problems that I had with conventional lipo.The first time I had it done I felt the doctor... READ MORE

6 months post-op smart lipo w/ minimal results: ABS, Flanks, and back. 1.2L fat remove no weight gain. Will I have scar tissue?

48 hours after surgery I looked amazing, but started to swell over the next few wks. @my 6 mth the Dr. is very unhappy w results. He suggests a... READ MORE

4 Years Post-Lipo on Thighs- Still experience Swelling When I Run, Why?

I had inner and outer thigh lipo and was so pleased I went back for smartlipo on the back & front of my thighs. I am a runner, and I've... READ MORE

Considering smart lipo, third time lipo patient. Is it common to perform lipo with local anesthesia on scar tissue?

Hi, this will be my 3rd time having lipo, the previous docs did not remove much fat from my abdomen and left me with hard scar tissue(using reg... READ MORE

How to reduce bulge after Smart Lipo? Could this bulge be from scar tissue or leftover fat or loose skin? (Photo)

I had smartlipo 5 months ago. I have a bulge around my belly button area. There also appears to be an indent on my upper stomach. Could it be left... READ MORE

After SmartIipo on my inner knee, I have dark spots that I feel are vascular because they get worse when I'm cold. (Photo)

It has been almost 3 months since the procedure and I have done more than 10 ultrasound massages and synergy massages but not big of an improvement. I... READ MORE

Does Smart Lipo get rid of scar tissue?

I have had diabetes for 20 years. When I was young I overused my lower belly for shots and now I have a pouch. Will this procedure get rid of it? READ MORE

Hard Area Around Smart Lipo Incision

I noticed that in/around the area of the Smart Lipo incision feels hard. Is this because of scar tissue that is the effect of healing? It is also... READ MORE

Endermologie or Dermawave After SmartLipo?

Which is better to smooth out lumps and scar tissue after smartlipo? I had my procedure 6 weeks ago on my upper/lower abs and flanks, and have been... READ MORE

What to Do About Scar Tissue Forming After Smart Lipo?

I am male, in my late 20s who is very healthy and fit and had some stomach fat that would not go away with exercise. I had Smart Lipo to the upper... READ MORE

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