Swelling and Scar Tissue After Smart Lipo?

I had SmartLipo with suction over 8 months ago to my front and back thighs with only about 250CCs removed. I am petite, but wanted some refining on areas that wouldn't budge. However, now my thighs are significantly bigger (I measured them!) compared to its size pre-procedure. My high-profile NYC plastic surgeon refuses to acknowledge my concerns. I had had liposuction previously done on the same area (with about 1000CCs removed) several years ago with the same doctor, with great success.

I have been even more careful about diet and not exercising too much and I weigh within the same 2-3 pound range as when I went in for surgery. My legs don't feel flabby but they are just plain bigger all around. The rest of me is exactly the same while my thighs just got bigger instead of smaller. I can barely wear the same jeans. Is it massive scar tissue or could it still be swelling? Will this ever go away? Thank you for any feedback!

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Swelling should be resolved 8 months later

Mustique, Your swelling most likely is resolved 8 months after surgery. If you have already had liposuction previously on this area and then underwent another round of liposuction or Smartlipo here, there may not be much fat left there. Could you be seeing muscle mass? You weight may not have changed, but you have done more exercise and actually built up larger muscles which is making your thighs appear larger. In any case, if you are having trouble with your current surgeon, the best thing would be to have a second opinion. Good luck with your recovery. David Shafer, MD New York City

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Liposuction and enlarged legs

It is extremely doubtful for there to be swelling in the legs at 8 months after liposuction. If your weight has been the same, it may be due to more muscle mass in the thighs or even an error in measuring your thigh girth. It would be best to measure you and compare your pre-op photos to your post-op.  

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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