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Drainage and Swelling After Smart Lipo and Tummy Tuck

I had a Tummy Tuck a week ago. The doctor did Smart Lipo and then the Tummy Tuck. I ended up with a huge incision from waist to waist, and I am... READ MORE

Could the Lump After Smart Lipo Be Expanding to Rib Area?

I had Smart Lipo (upper & lower abs) 5.5 weeks ago. 2 wks after surgery, I started noticing a lump to the left of my belly button. Since the... READ MORE

Will Diuretics After Smart Lipo Help Make Drainage Faster?

If you get Smart Lipo or any laser lipo procedure and you take a dieuretic after surgery, will that help get the tumescent fluid out of you faster,... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel Fluid Ander the Skin One-two Days After Smartlipo?

I can actually feel and hear the fluid as I touch the area. ThereĀ“s as been no leaking from the "holes". Will this disaeper with time or is it ... READ MORE

Surgical Drain After Smart Lipo?

Is it necessary to get a surgical drain installed after Smart Lipo? The fat will be liquified using the Smart Lipo laser, then suctioned out (i.e. not... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have No Leakage After Smart Lipo?

My mother had Smart Lipo 4 hours ago and she was told there would be lots of leakage but so far there has been very little, if any. Is this normal? READ MORE

Drainage Vs Natural Fluid Removal For SmartLipo?

I had a consultation for smart Lipo and the doctor said that he would be stitching the incision once the surgery was complete. My friend had smart... READ MORE

Recurring Fluid Collection After Smart Lipo

On 3/24, I had Smart Lipo done on my saddlebags and banana rolls. I was drained after procedure, drained again the next day, and by Friday, (3/28) I... READ MORE

How to receive the best results after Smart Lipo? Drainage and Massage? Why is drainage of fluid so important? (Photo)

I had smart lipo of the upper and lower abdomen and flanks done this morning. My main question is what is a faster way to drain the fluid? I have a... READ MORE

After Water Jet Lipo and Smart Lipo, Side Getting Hard From Fluid, Seroma?

I had water jet lipo done at the beginning of June. Along with that he included smart lipo to help tighten the skin. During the procedure the right... READ MORE

Smart Lipo: Is this swelling and am I draining properly?

While I absolutely love my results so far, I'm a concerned with my lower abdomen. I'm ~48 hours post-op and I tried a pair of jeans on today. They... READ MORE

Will the appearance of the stretch marks change once I heal? Why am I not experiencing much drainage? (Photo)

I chose to have smart lipo of the flanks and both upper and lower abdomen instead of tummy tuck because I did not want the scar and I may possibly... READ MORE

Drainage after Liposuction? (photos)

I had my smart liposuction on my arms 5 days ago, tomorrow is my 6th day post surgery and two of my incision are still leaking watery fulid, its not... READ MORE

Is This Normal? What Needs to Be Done?

I had and smart liop done on wesnesday and friday. (Upper and lower abdomen) . Monday they had to drain out 20oz and wednesday another 14oz. Tomorrow... READ MORE

Is it normal to have drainage three days post-op?

I had smartlipo done on my upper and lower abdomen and flanks three days ago. All of my incisions have healed nicely except the one on my lower right... READ MORE

Blood filled pocket in abdomen after Smart Lipo. Is there a point where draining with a needle won't help?

About 12 days after smart lipo of upper and lower abs an flanks I noticed a bulge like area to the right of my belly button that was soft to the touch... READ MORE

Pain, swelling, numbness and fluid leaking. Will this cause me problems with the drainage?

After my procedure I was highly medicated and still very loopy. In the mist of changing my band aide I removed my drainage tube without knowing it... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Drainage Concerns?

I'm confused about the drainage. I had Smart Lipo on Thursday April 30th. It's now day 4, and not much difference. I think I must be swollen. Drainage... READ MORE

No Drainage After Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo assisted Liposuction on my hip area and have two small incisions covered by a tiny bandage. I'm on day 6 and I haven't had any... READ MORE

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